Yu shyi-kun plans to visit Czech republic, France and other countries in July and August

/ news page – Taiwan network public opinion agency head of Taiwan’s governing party you xikun has (image: Taiwan “when e-paper”) according to Taiwan “when the electronic newspaper” reported in recent years, the Taiwan democratic progressive party (DPP) connections to external anti-china forces, called “European brand”, and some European countries are in violation of the principle of one China international hit “Taiwan”, sent to members of congress and other politicians have “visit”.It is reported today that you Shyi-kun, the head of the public opinion agency, plans to visit the Czech Republic, France, the Baltic states and other places during the July and August recess this year, “even the UK is possible”.In response, the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party also confirmed that there is such a plan, and claimed that Taiwan’s international difficulties are mainly due to “being suppressed by the mainland”.As for Yu’s visit, the DPP also said, “We hope to share Taiwan’s experience with the world, so that Taiwan can be seen and recognized in the world, and also hope to promote international tourism and let Taiwan go to the world after the relaxation of the epidemic.”

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