Yunfu epidemic prevention map online, here comes the user manual!

The 24th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar is the Little New Year in the south.Due to the frequent occurrence of COVID-19 in China, nucleic acid testing has almost become the “standard” for returning home. Which nucleic acid testing site is closest to you?Where can I test nucleic acid outside of working hours?Which hospital should you go to in case of fever?…Long press the QR code in the identification map to get the Map of Yunfu Epidemic Prevention, one-click navigation, go!Left left left map recognition of qr code into the epidemic prevention for the implementation of the national, provincial, municipal about strengthening the current will be coronavirus nucleic acid testing services work deployment, quick for citizens in a timely manner for nucleic acid detection, safeguard citizens travel activities demand, recently, yunfu to explore development “epidemic prevention map”, the municipal, district and town visual hierarchical display all nucleic acid detection sampling points in the city.1. Go to the map page, select “Nucleic acid Sampling Site for Convenience”, and click OK.2. After selecting the sampling point, citizens can select the county, town and street where they are located and click the location on the map to view the address, telephone number, service time and other information.3. Select the corresponding point and click to display the navigation route on the real-time linkage map.To give full play to their role as the epidemic prevention and control the sentinel surveillance, yunfu fever outpatient/clinic map will now show, people can choose to see a doctor nearby, such a practical tool for the prevention of small, quickly forward collection up ~ + client source | south, yunfu city civilization office, epidemic prevention and control office, yunfu southern daily

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