Anhui: the first day of work to discuss difficult and complex cases | Spring to the grassroots

On the first day of work, Hefei, Anhui province, saw the first heavy snow of the Spring Festival.At 9:30 in the morning, under the auspices of Dong Guiwen, deputy secretary of the Party Group and deputy Chief procurator of Anhui Procuratorate, a difficult and complicated case handling meeting was being held.This is a trans-provincial false lawsuit crime case supervised by anhui Provincial Procuratorate, involving many people, the deep-seated illegal and criminal problems behind the case are complex, and the criminal and civil intertwined. It has taken more than three years for the prosecution to report the case.”Thanks to the efforts of the civil prosecution department, the handling of this case has achieved phased results. Today’s meeting focuses on discussing how to continue to push forward and conduct a thorough investigation.”Dong Guiwen presided over the meeting and made it clear.After listening to the organizer’s report on the progress of the case handling, the participants carried out a heated discussion about the difficulties and doubts of the case.The principal principals of the first, fifth and sixth procuratorial departments of the YUAN expressed their opinions on the civil supervision, criminal supervision and procuratorial investigation of the case according to their respective duties.Li Weidong, Tao Fangde, Bao Laiyou and other leading comrades respectively put forward guidance on the handling of key points, matters needing attention, cooperation between criminals and civilians, strengthening communication and request for instructions and reports.The meeting also clarified the leading departments and cooperating departments for the next step.The task has been defined, and each department takes its turn.At the end of the meeting, the snow was still flying outside the window.The result of this case should be predictable.(Wu Yihu, Procuratorial Daily, Wang Fubing)

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