He is the most hated star on the Internet, with many top girlfriends, even Huang Xiaoming lost to him

When it comes to the most discussed people in the entertainment industry, Zhang Dada is definitely on the list;Recently, the news of Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming’s divorce has been widely publicized.It is the biggest melon of the year, and it is interesting that Yang Ying is also Zhang’s best friend.Zhang’s best friends are divorced without exception;Like before Yang Mi, Zhao Liying and so on, now Yang Ying;Really have to admire zhang greatly ability to make friends, pay are some top flow a-list actress;It’s also interesting that my girlfriends are divorced;Look after female star and zhang greatly want to think clearly before making friend, be engaged bad divorce.In fact, before he was hated by netizens, Zhang was also an inspirational representative of the entertainment industry.When the road to fame is also very sad;It’s not easy being where you are, being hated by so many people.Zhang greatly public praise is these years just corrupt;In the final analysis is to flow and fame, after all, black and red is also red;In those years, the major media also took a fancy to Zhang Dada’s heat, many programs were invited to him;So how is Zhang greatly from the inspirational representative to become now such everyone shout dozen?Let’s take a look at Zhang da’s path to fame.Zhang Dada’s Road to fame Over the years, Zhang Has given Internet users the impression that he will play with whoever is popular;What’s interesting is that these pop stars have a good relationship with him;He gave the place into a bestie, but also let a lot of netizens curious about what he has in the end.Zhang Da-wei, whose real name is Zhang Wei, was born in Shanghai;Family conditions are still very good, since childhood Zhang da had a dream to host: plus Zhang da’s academic performance is very excellent;So he was admitted to Shanghai Theatre Academy during the college entrance examination.After entering The Shanghai Theatre Academy, Zhang chose to major in broadcasting and hosting.I passed all kinds of professional examinations in my freshman year.I will get scholarships in school every year.The scholarship is paying for my education.Therefore, Zhang dada didn’t spend much of his family’s money during his college years.In her sophomore year, with excellent grades, Zhang began to do programs in Shanghai.This is how he officially entered the entertainment industry.Many people believe that Zhang dada rose to fame through his family connections;In fact, he is also a very excellent professional quality host;Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many good resources.In 2010, Zhang moved to Hunan and began working as a host for Hunan TV.Received a lot of popular variety shows;At first, I hosted a program called “Single Kitchen” in Hunan Entertainment Channel.Subsequently, due to his outstanding performance, he began to act as Wong’s manager in 2013’s I Am a Singer.Successive sessions of “I am a singer” have invited Zhang Dada as the host and manager;In those years, Zhang dada’s career reached its peak, with a dozen programs in his hands;What’s more, they are all wang fried programs, such as HUNAN TV’s “I am a Singer” and Anhui TV’s “Super Premiere”.And in the online word of mouth and high ratings “I drop Song God ah” “College students come” and so on;These variety shows are hosted by him;If his hosting skills are not up to standard, so many ace programs are impossible to invite him to host.Over the years, Mr. Zhang’s contacts in the entertainment industry have grown wider;Her two famous girlfriends are Yang Mi and Yang Ying.Both are the country’s top pop stars;The three are called the Iron Triangle because they post a photo of themselves every year.And it’s not uncommon to see three of them dressed in girlfriends’ outfits;Even Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming two people’s wedding invited Zhang Dada;Let zhang greatly as host, visible zhang greatly all aspects of professional literacy and contacts or very pass.If this line continues, Zhang Dada can become a top host in China.Unfortunately, because of the various SAO operation in the program, let zhang greatly make noise constantly;As a result, Zhang became the most hated host in China, with everyone Shouting at him on social media.There is a list of the most annoying people in the entertainment industry, zhang greatly without any suspense became the first;This has been the case for several years, but this is a star that everyone on the Internet calls a dozen;Why is it so popular in the circle?In addition to the host resources on the hand, may be more or because zhang greatly character;Although Zhang Dada has been criticized a lot in recent years, the entertainment industry is a place that pays attention to personal design;Zhang dada is such a black red person set, private may also be a good person, otherwise how can there be so many friends.Previously in the “Tomorrow’s Child” stage, Zhang Dada received a lot of praise;That year’s Tomorrow’s Child has been called the triumph of talent over capital;With the help of Xue Zhiqian, MAO is not easy to become popular, at the beginning of MAO is not easy to participate in the program;Because the guitar string was not changed for a long time, so the guitar string broke during the song.Zhang greatly saw, said no matter how the results of the game, he will send MAO not easy a guitar;And then he did, and it wasn’t cheap;He specially asked the musician Xu Fei to MAO is not easy to pick, the guitar is also worth a lot;Still can see zhang greatly from here if do not leave to set, secretly still a very good person.This also can explain clearly why on the net so hate Zhang da, private have so many friends;Nearly 100 celebrities sent messages to Zhang on his birthday.Such contacts, perhaps the host inside only he teacher has this treatment.After baby’s divorce this year, Zhang invited a bunch of his best friends to his home for a party.Yang Mi, Song Zuer, Guo Qilin and so on, all appeared in the photos of the party;Baby didn’t go this time, probably because he was in a bad mood about his divorce.In the photo, Yang Mi and Zhang Dada are dressed as a couple.So many netizens in the comment area asked zhang greatly, zhang greatly said that there is no thing, simple hit shirt;Yang Ying was spotted at the airport wearing a shirt of the same style as Yang Mi and Zhang Dada.So you can tell that the three are wearing girl clothes.After zhang dada participated in the deyun Society program, again circle a wave of goodwill;In the face of deyun society members and expose the old story, Zhang greatly did not angry;Smile to catch the burden, the program to host over.So many years have been scolded, really have to admire zhang big mentality is really good;The Zhang of university period is big concurrently repaired psychology major;It can be said that this set of psychological zhang is very experienced.Even from a certain aspect, Huang Xiaoming may not be as good as Zhang Dada;Lost to Zhang Big Huang Xiaoming, and baby’s marriage is really not long;Although the wedding of two people at that time have a lot of moving and sweet, but after everything returned to reality;Daily necessities of life will still let the contradictions of two people appear.Especially in the entertainment circle, Huang Xiaoming’s desire for control;May be really not suitable for the circle of girls, do not know behind the Lord will not meet true love;As baby’s bestie zhang Dada, maybe we really underestimate him.Zhang greatly not only master the flow password, so many years of heat;There are so many friends in the circle, for many people, Zhang Dada is a winner in life;Compared to, a lot of people are really not as big as Zhang.What kind of person do you think Zhang Da is at the end?Code word is not easy, I hope I can give xiaobian a point of praise point of attention.

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