I have been raising tropical ornamental fish for two years, but I can’t keep them.

Hello, fish friends!If there is any problem of ornamental fish feeding, you can directly search the whole web for fish farming and keywords, such as fish farming, water quality white turbid, fish farming, ornamental fish mixed farming……And so on.Raise fish for two years, raise or more easy to raise parrot, map, fortune, silver dragon, why always raise not to live, die a batch of another batch, during ceaselessly buy fish, change fish?The single biggest reason, however, may be out on the water, the tap water directly into the cylinder’s taboo is a fish friend problem above, by rights, both maps, parrots, silver dragon, lucky, and are relatively easy to varieties of ornamental fish breeding, mostly large an ornamental fish, a little violent temper, so not much breeding difficulty, even the silver arowana,Very few die within two years.Finally from the conversation, the main problem, the first is water quality, in order to save trouble, often tap water directly into the tank.We’ve talked about this a lot, and although a lot of tropical fish seem to be more tolerant to chlorine, it’s not going to be able to withstand repeated exposure to chlorine, and eventually it’s going to run out.All the reagents go into the tank together. Which one works?Another problem is that the fish friend prepared a lot of fish medicine and reagents, such as water stabilizer, water clarifier, nitrifying bacteria, salt, and many other reagents I can’t name, as long as the water is changed, I will play in the fish tank.This is actually a serious mistake, and is not used at all, unless it is not willing to trap water, add fish lebao can also, but even so, it is not as good as the effect of trapping water, moreover, there is no need to change the water every time add that salt and nitrifying bacteria, purely redundant.These reagents, themselves are not the same, the specific ingredients, there may be similar, add more in the end can produce what adverse reactions, we can not see the naked eye, but ornamental fish can be miserable, over time, fish disease will follow.Do not know how to observe is the biggest mistake, whether the water color or the state of the fish as long as the water quality is not good, the water color will change, the water quality is not good, the surface of the ornamental fish and mental state, feeding desire will change, we are to determine the trapped water, water frequency and water change according to these subtle changes.With the continuous growth of ornamental fish, these operations should be changed, including the change of water and food after the problem of ornamental fish, etc., should be based on the change of regardless of the change, not mechanically.So, fish farming, observation is the first, water conditioning should not be what difficult, unless it is very high density, but the fish friend’s density is not big at all.Ornamental fish do not reach the best state, water quality does not reach the best state, do not add new fish and is not found dead fish tank immediately add new fish, this is a taboo.Be sure to wait until the state of ornamental fish has reached the best, the water quality has reached the best, feeding a stage, all stabilized before adding new fish.Occasionally, because of fighting problems, a fish or two died, which is actually a good thing, especially medium and large ornamental fish, just for our fish tank to reduce density.This period is the best time for water quality to be fast and stable, because there are fewer fish, but many novice fish friends, as long as they see dead fish in the tank, they go to add new fish, just perfect miss this period.To buy fish again is equivalent to increasing the breeding density at a time when the water quality is not stable, and in the end it is still dead.Then is the problem of mixed breeding at random, my other articles have, can consult by oneself.I am a fish farmer, more ornamental fish problems please pay attention to, thank you!

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