“Ice dun dun” Wuwei “fen dun” big reward, see if you pile?

From winter Olympics mascot to world team pet, “Bingdwen dwen” has become the top favorite of the Winter Olympics with its cute appearance.Wuwei and fall spring snow snow all over the sky aroused wuwei people thick winter Olympics feeling although “a pier is difficult to find” but Wuwei people rely on their dexterous hands to achieve the “ice pier pier” freedom is called “their own frozen hands, abundant pier foot pier” below,Let us enjoy the “Ice dun dun” Wuwei “points dun” in addition to the “snow dun dun” clay pinched out of the “ice Dun Dun” is super lovely Winter Olympics ignited everyone’s enthusiasm let us take this enthusiasm in Wuwei for The Chinese team cheer for the Winter Olympics cheer for the motherland cheer us together to the future!All media reporter Niu Man original content copyright belongs to Wuwei News Media Group all articles with pictures are selected from the network, copyright belongs to the original author

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