Incident cixi, a car spontaneous combustion, auxiliary police and bus driver to come forward!Give the hero a thumbs up!

Cixi street suddenly flames they face the car back in the first place of spontaneous combustion fire recently new avenue and goodness walkway intersection from south to north in the direction of the green light to jump when standing at the crossroads of auxiliary police jian-xin yu found traffic a white Chevrolet car suddenly take up the black smoke spontaneous he suspected he will stop the car stop immediately and to guide the vehicle stop the engine quickly on the rightTwo people got off the car, and the fire immediately became big. The driving man seemed to be at a loss for a while. He took out a small fire extinguisher from the car, but the safety pin could not be removed.A small fire extinguisher was not enough to stop the spread of the fire. At this moment, a No. 13 bus in the same direction pulled over. The driver ran over with a larger fire extinguisher.Flame suddenly some small for a fire extinguisher soon ran out of the driver turned back to the car to another one of the fire was still can’t fully control to other bus should have a backup fire extinguishers at the crossroads of another auxiliary police ming-hui luo knocked a red light 293 bus near the car driver will be on the driver’s side immediately handed ming-hui luo then a fire extinguisherThe driver with the fire extinguisher placed in the rear of the car ran all the way to help after struggling to put out the remnants of the open fire is still sporadic, just to be safe, two auxiliary police in time to contact the fire personnel at 5:30,The fire was completely over and the two buses had already left. The ground around the white cars was covered in powder to record what had just happened. Kudos to the two bus drivers and the auxiliary police!Thank you for your decisive action!

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