No pressure, no diamond, perseverance will win, the top players are trying to improve the six perseverance

Develop the six strengths of perseverance.This is the 11th in our closer reading of Crossing the Impossible.When our inner drive leads us down the path to peak performance and our goals set the direction of that path, we also need to have the strength to persevere on that path, despite all the obstacles. That’s grit.There is no diamond without pressure. Grit is a powerful motivator. It is not only the strength needed to accomplish one difficult task, but also the strength needed to accomplish many difficult tasks over many years.We will find that the top masters of all walks of life have this strength of perseverance.If we look at the growth of these elite players, and we look at it, and we think about it, what we find is that the top performers strive to develop six types of grit.The first is indomitable fortitude.It is what we often call perseverance, the day-to-day persistence, the perseverance to carry on, no matter what.The second is fortitude, which controls the mind.On the way forward, doubt and disappointment will always be with us, and being able to control your thoughts is often the key.If we want to be the best we can be, we must always believe that we can be the best we can be.The third is fortitude to overcome fear.Fear is a normal human emotion, and there is great power behind it. If we can face it directly, face it squarely, and turn this emotion into focus, we will improve our own ability.The fourth is to make the best of the worst.Perseverance, mind control and fear control are critical to long-term performance, and we also need to learn to make the best of ourselves in the worst of times, which is what really separates the elite from the rest of us, and we need to train this quality.The fifth is fortitude, which trains for weakness.Identify your weaknesses and tailor your training so that you have the ability to persevere in any situation.The sixth is restorative fortitude.This fortitude is designed to cope with exhaustion, with being overwhelmed.There will always be times when we get tired of challenging the impossible, and we need to recover to build resilience.Therefore, in order to maintain excellent performance and continue to achieve outstanding achievements on the road ahead, we need to improve our perseverance.Perseverance, controlling thoughts, overcoming fear, making the best of a bad situation, training for weakness, and resilience are the six types of perseverance that can help us increase our motivation.

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