Pingyu: Qingming traffic police on duty busy, dredge chang protect peace!

During the qingming festival, the mass grave, sacrifice, outing and other activities increased, road traffic flow in, to ensure that during the qingming festival small long vacation area of road traffic safety and orderly, pingyu county public security bureau traffic police brigade to careful analysis during the ching Ming festival people travel characteristics and disease prevention and control measures, reasonable arrangement of police, enlarging the tomb, key mark, scenic spot and urban area, easy blocking roads,Patrol density and frequency of accident-prone sections to ensure timely disposal of congestion, accidents or other emergencies, and prevent, slow and discharge traffic jams in an all-round way.Up to now, pingyu County road traffic situation is smooth and orderly.National and provincial roads, tomb areas and other key points patrol and control urban roads, direct traffic dredging, patrol, protect vehicles illegally parked, clean up and rectify vehicles in epidemic prevention and control service stores

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