The legendary battle of “Steel Company 7” : 85 men defeat a battalion, and a bugle scares away enemy trump cards

With the hit of the movie Watergate Bridge, no. 7 became a popular army.Screenwriter LAN Xiaolong for 7 even, can be said to have a special liking.From soldiers Assault to Jangjin Lake and Watergate Bridge, the stories of company 7 follow one another.Although their prototype is all the people’s soldiers fighting for the country, but in the history of the war against the United States and aid Korea, there really is such a 7 company, its heroic degree, no worse than the 7th intersperse company in the movie.This was company 7, 347 Regiment, 116th Division, 39th Army, also known as “Steel Company 7”.Brilliant record iron and Steel company 7, was born in northern Shaanxi, is a long history of trump company.His superior unit is the 116 Division of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, which is the most pure “Red Army troops”.From top to bottom, all the middle and senior cadres of the 116th Division are old Reds.So in the past wars, the 116th Division has shown a very strong fighting capacity.At the same time, the PLA is also a famous “meritorious force” in the military, and many of its combat units have their own honorary titles.For example, the TV series “I am special forces” in the “sharpshooter 4 company”, as well as the “pioneer” 346 regiment 1 company, “always win even” 346 regiment 4 company.Of course, the most famous, or our leading role – iron and steel 7.On October 24, 1950, the Chinese People’s Volunteers crossed the Yalu River to fight against the United States and aid Korea.And 39 army, also under the leadership of commander Wu Xinquan, the first into the Dynasty.On November 1, 1950, the 39th Army used flexible tactics to defeat the 8th Regiment of the 1st Us Cavalry Division in the Battle of Yunshan, killing and capturing more than 1,800 American soldiers, capturing 4 aircraft, shooting down 3 aircraft, destroying or capturing 28 tanks, 170 vehicles and 119 pieces of artillery.This was the first time that The Chinese army had direct contact with the American army, and the 39th army won beautifully.And this battle, 116 division 347 regiment 7 small test, outstanding performance.On November 27, 1950, the 39th Army and U.S. forces engaged in a battle in the Sangcho-dong area.116th Division as the main attack force, ready to annihilate the American 25th division 24th Regiment.But before the general attack, they suddenly received an order from headquarters to abandon the attack.But at this time teacher Wang Yang thinks, at this time “pocket” has been formed, it is a pity not to play.So he asked Shiji to finish the battle alone.With this approval, the 116th Division launched a fierce attack against the enemy, which eventually resulted in the surrender of the enemy army.As the third battle began, the 39th Army, acting as a shock force, crossed the 38th Parallel and headed for Seoul, the capital of South Korea.At this time the old commander of the Eighth Army walker just died, the new commander Li Qiwei just took over, it can be said that the lack of youth, difficult to resist the attack of volunteers.So the American troops marched back, not daring to confront the volunteer attack.Just 30 kilometers from Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a small town called Bugok-ri.This is an important fork in the road, and if the volunteers control it, they will open the door to Seoul!So the superior division 116 347 regiment, with the speed of the rapid march, rushed to the kettle valley.According to intelligence, a South Korean “company” was stationed in Bugok-ri, and an attack by a regiment was like killing an ox.Soon, the troops arrived in the Cauldron valley.A deputy battalion commander Fu Xuejun with 3 began to attack, the results of the more play more feel wrong.The enemy’s firepower is too fierce, marksmanship is too accurate, 3 company soon appeared a large number of casualties!Fu Xuejun quickly sent people to investigate, the result was a surprising result: the troops stationed in Bugu, is a “regiment”, that is, a regiment, not a company.The royal Rifle Regiment, an elite unit of the British Army, is also composed of soldiers.The Royal Rifle Regiment is also a traditional force.During world War II, they were British General Montgomery’s trump card.Moreover, this unit is known for positional warfare, and every soldier is extremely accurate with his gun.In that case, the battle cannot be fought as originally planned.Later 347 regiment head after a study decision, let 347 regiment 7 company to capture some of the important position of the commanding heights, and firmly hold, waiting for the arrival of rear support troops, together to encircle the enemy.Tenacious resistance, become commander of the trumpets received orders, 7 repeatedly long Li Fengtang, instructor Zhang Ding and, immediately took the troops rushed up.The company was not at full strength at this time, with only 85 combatants.You can imagine the pressure on such a few men to face the onslaught of an enemy regiment.But as long as the enemy is there, the mission is there, and the commanders and soldiers of Company 7 will not hesitate.Li Fengtang was a quick-witted commander, and he soon found a long line of vehicles on the road as the enemy retreated.He knew that by getting in the right position and blocking the road so that the enemy’s cars could not move, he could stop their retreat.At once he chose a not very high position on the side of the road, and established a simple position on it, from which he could attack the enemy’s convoy from a commanding position.The British soon found company 7.In order to break through this choke point, they gathered a lot of artillery and aircraft, tanks and other heavy equipment, took turns to bombard the high ground.In the interval of bombing, they organized commandos to launch an attack on the 7th company, with the intention of eliminating the opponent and occupying the high ground.Soon, the snow and ice in the position of the 7th Company was turned to mud by the heat of the artillery fire, and the soldiers had to lie in the water to stop the enemy.Despite the unfavorable conditions, company 7 beat back the enemy again and again.After several rounds of onslaught, the enemy changed strategy: while continuing to contain the fire of the 7th company, they cut off the 7th company from the headquarters with artillery and heavy machine guns.The ammunition supply of company 7 was not available, and the fire density was immediately greatly reduced.Even so, the volunteers blocked the road with their accurate marksmanship.The British tried their best, but they could neither break the blockade nor take the position of company 7.The British, in a frenzy of rage, poured ammunition into the position of the 7th Company.Over a small area, there were 5000 rounds!The soldiers of Company 7 were, after all, made of flesh and blood, and soon there were many casualties.First instructor Zhang Ding and sacrifice, then all the platoon leaders also sacrifice.Company commander Li Fengtang made a ruthless, personally with heavy machine gun fire rushed up the enemy.As a result, a shell exploded beside him, the heavy machine gun was disabled, and the Wind hall was blown out of the air.”The commander’s wounded!Company far Zheng Qi quickly ran over, pulled off a piece of cloth and began to wrap up li Fengtang.Li Fengtang shook his head slowly, then looked at Zheng Qi firmly.At this time, he could not speak, but Zheng Qi understood the meaning of the company commander: cadres have lost light, zheng Qi this communist party member to shoulder the responsibility of commanding combat!At the last moment, and the bugle of dawn sounded for about a minute, Li Fengtang closed its eyes permanently.With tears in his eyes, Zheng Qi summoned the rest of the soldiers to his side.After counting, there were 13 others.Zheng Qiyong said in a low voice: “The position is the company commander they gave us, we must defend, can not lose their face.”He divided 13 men into several battle groups, fighting in turn, trying to drag the enemy to the last moment.Soon the fighting began again.In the face of the enemy ants general attack, Zheng Qi led the soldiers kept shooting, and shouted: “Comrades, fight!If we win, we’ll be in Seoul tomorrow!”With indomitable will, 7 company beat back 6 enemy attacks.By this time, six more comrades had been killed, and none of them had ammunition.Zheng Qi knew that if it went on like this, he could not keep it. He had to solve the ammunition problem.He ventured down the mountain under the cover of darkness, collecting bullets and grenades from the bodies of his enemies.Soon, he was back with more than a dozen cartridges.The ammunition problem of the seventh company was temporarily relieved.Soon, the enemy began a new attack.This time, there were more of them than on previous occasions, and six tanks were called in for a heavy attack on the high ground.Zheng Qi knew that this might be the last battle.He distributed his last rations, saying: “The position was bought by the comrades with blood!Don’t let the enemy take it!”He picked up a rifle and fitted his bayonet deftly.The remaining seven soldiers did the same, ready to meet the enemy at hand.All of a sudden, Zheng Qi pushed away the people, ran to the position of the most visible place, took out the bugle, with all his strength blowing up!A loud bugle sounded, and the British troops who were charging were startled!According to previous battlefield experience, when the bugle of charge sounds, it means that the volunteers are ready to attack.Then it was clear that the enemy on the other side had been reinforced!Only a few dozen of their own helpless, really if a large army, that also?Not knowing who had started it, bands of British soldiers suddenly turned round and ran down the hill.Just then reinforcements from the 347th regiment arrived.They and the soldiers of the 7th company, accompanied by zheng Qi’s bug-horn, drove the British back to the road.The volunteer mortars roared and the British motorcade on the road went up in flames.In the end, a battalion of the Royal Riflemen was destroyed in Cauldron Valley.A hundred years of history of the world famous brigade, also became the volunteers under the defeat.In the bugok-ri attack, almost all of the seven companies were killed in battle, but they stood firm for a day and a night on the ground against them.The name “Steel Company 7” is heard in the sky of North Korea.

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