This life has you: Sun Zhijun just checked point thing, with respect to traffic accident line?Lost talk quiet, want to explore

Sun Zhijun’s abrupt line is the audience did not think of the plot development situation, because at that time he, just found a point about the truth of things, inexplicable out of a car accident, it is suspected that he is due to touch the core interests of some people were done!(And that “some people” had nothing to do with it!)But this line to promote the process of entirely by Scott rozelle one in advance, he found what clues, progress to which step are only he knows, maybe that’s what he want, because it is over so many years, he is willing to bear all alone, what also don’t want to peace talks still involves a bad relationship!But he had never thought that he would lose the only life he could pursue.When Sun Zhijun gives the news that traffic accident dies to come, talk static heart world as if to be short of an important family kind is sad, lose — once, Sun Zhijun is in her life most helpless when, helped line her!In order to repay and out of the gratitude of the heart, Tan Jing let his born child sex sun, sun family continuation of the family!Such behavior, let sun Zhijun at that time feel gratified and even grateful.”How can a good person suddenly leave?”Tan Jing’s heart was filled with this sentence: she felt that Sun Zhijun’s death was not so simple!After a brief funeral held in a hurry, talk about jing sheng Fangting, also learned from his mouth is sheng gave Sun Zhijun some clues to find things that year, let him have the power to follow suit search down!This led to the early departure of Sun Zhijun now!Thought, also because of this, Tan Jing had a little doubt about the true purpose of Shengfangting: he seemed to know a lot about the brubrua and hated Nie Dongyuan!Next, it was the static talk also participated in the process of the investigation of things in those days, although at the moment there had been a lot of horse and horse staring into the bruise far the camel!How many things had been done in the distant past?How much did you hide from the truth?How many innocent ordinary people are affected by the cause and effect?Nowadays, the bruguiyuanin the hands of Nie Yusheng was taken over, and what kind of direction would it move forward……!With only four episodes left of the 32-episode finale, I think the above question will be answered soon.Wang Xiao in the role of the number of times is not very much, but a downhearted, heavy friendship of the middle-aged man to deduce the drenched to send, I think if he was not so heavy feelings have righteousness, life would not be like this process.But what if it changes?Then he is no longer Sun Zhijun!So what do you think of Wang Xiao’s role as Sun Zhijun?

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