Why did Qi Heng help Minglan play polo to make people talk?Gu Tingye is not also help purples?

Lily of valley has been cautious after lost his birth mother, as far as possible let oneself to live like a little transparent, hope didn’t trouble on himself, this method does apply for lily of valley, combined with the old lady’s asylum, lily of valley is prosperous in sheng home for more than ten years, framed by moran occasionally punished she also don’t care, but lily of valley want to be wronged, but hide friend bullied,Polo will be in order to help purples to take back the dead mother’s relics, she can and usually avoid the Qi Heng team, after home was sheng Hong kneeling all night.Although the punishment Ming LAN had prepared, but a lot of people feel puzzling, she is not with Qi Heng team won a polo match, how was said to be a climbing branch?That Gu Tingye is not also help yu Yanhong, it is still yu Yanhong actively invited Gu Tingye, no one spoke about yu Yanhong right after the event!Why did Qi Heng help Ming LAN play polo will cause gossip?According to common sense, yu Yanhong invited Gu Tingye’s move also can’t escape gossip, but at that time Gu Tingye is talking with yu family, but has not yet determined is Yu Yanhong or Yu Yanran, the outside world also faint know gu gu and yu family of pro things, only when gu Tingye girl in with gu Tingye cultivate feelings!Coincidentally, in the original gu Tingye’s first wife is Yu Yanhong, perhaps the TV series deleted this section, just let a person feel some abrupt.And Gu Tingye and Yu Yanhong’s family is not much different, one is infamous Gu Jierlang, one is the emperor’s daughter, dare to spread their gossip can have a few people?Minglan is not the same, five products of small officials ordinary women, it seems that anyone can step on a foot, even qi Heng initiative to help Minglan and how?Others dare not say qi Heng is not, can not put the responsibility to Ming LAN.The most important is, those who make fun of Ming LAN, are qi Heng’s secret admirer, want to know, Qi Heng but bianjing most of the girls of the right age of the ideal type, Gu Tingye is but a premarital concubine of the prodigal son, who will care about him with who go close and who spread gossip ah?Of course, all focus on qi Heng’s favorite object minglan, plus two people with a great disparity look unworthy, the general girl will not willingly lose to minglan such a small ordinary female.Although Ming LAN was punished kneeling is the shape of The Black orchid, but the outside world to her gossip is indeed many, peach not also said, Qi Heng and Jiacheng county Lord married that time, Minglan no matter where someone laughed at her wishful thinking, this can be Qi Heng unaware of the trouble to Ming LAN.Now think about it, Minglan was willing to go out for Qi Heng is how much determination, but Qi Heng hurt her into the center of public opinion, no wonder even if there is a feeling, Minglan also refused to give him the opportunity, that time was ridiculed experience for Minglan really difficult to let go.

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