A 56-year-old married man in Singapore is obsessed with young women

Sometimes very helpless to this kind of thing!Already 56 years old, should be mature and very sane…But I have to admire the wisdom of ancient Chinese — “a wise man is not old, but a hundred years old without wisdom”…This sense of wisdom is not only the wisdom of wisdom, but also the wisdom of mind!Let’s take a look at a married 56-year-old man who claims to be infatuated with love…Mindless operation!The most important thing is to remind female friends, we must pay attention to safety, do not be confused by some appearances, their own safety to others…A 56-year-old Singaporean man named Ah Fong…One day, accidentally met in a restaurant in the 30s young woman Gillian, and fell in love with her at first sight, then found that they live in the same HDB area.He began to “pursue”, a downstairs in the HDB elevator “encounter” Ajiao holding his daughter, a mad said at the moment to send children some books as a gift, Ajiao also agreed at that time, the two exchanged the phone number.Mad will later bring the book to each other, the opportunity to know the unit that a Jiao lives in.After he was rejected in May last year, He texted Gillian repeatedly and frequently appeared outside and downstairs her HDB flat.On August 6 last year, Gillian was rushing to work at about 8 o ‘clock in the morning when she went out and saw Ah Crazy standing at the top of the stairs.She ignored it and stepped into the elevator, followed by Loong.Inside the elevator, a crazy suddenly seize a Jiao, will her pressure on the wall, and then to her up and down……Still omitted here…NNNNN word!Then…After the elevator to the first floor to open the door, Gillian reaction is still very fast…Flee to the bus stop now!Mad is directly caught up, but also followed the bus on a Jiao, all the way to the bus conversion station.As Gillian waited for another bus at the bus interchange, He kept talking to her and took out his phone to show her pictures.A Jiao then suddenly found that she put facebook photos, immediately feel each other is very terrible, immediately change the Facebook page to private Settings.Ah me!At this time is not just found that their own beautiful photos on the net…After hearing “flowers”, “applause” and “good reviews”…What risk zone have you drawn yourself into??Gillian took another bus, A crazy no longer tracking, Gillian also immediately called the police.Mad also immediately by the police uncle invited to tea!In court, A crazy said he fell in love with Gillian “love at first sight”, “infatuated by love”, “obsessed”…Wait a minute!Greetings!Finally, this “twisted love” ended up behind bars!Mad pursuit, was eventually sentenced to three and a half years in prison.Under Singapore’s act, the criminal penalty for unlawful subdue and indecent assault on a victim in an elevator is between three and 10 years in prison.As He is over 50, He will not be sentenced to caning.So!Say – color word head a knife!Close the “desire warcraft” in oneself heart, can only send oneself into abyss finally…Read more books and less short videos…Don’t bring entertaining short video scenes to real life!I am Hai Yang, every day record and share Singapore and around the world has the temperature, the height, sometimes the temperature interesting talk, follow me, at any time to know Singapore reliable local dry goods!If you like the content, look forward to your forwarding, please also leave proverbs in the comments section interactive!Thank you very much!This article material, views and some content from the network, if you think infringement of your rights and interests please contact us timely deletion and correction.

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