Drive life: Microsoft Win11 Build 22557 preview release, add improved features big reveal

Driving the latest news in life:Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22557 includes many improvements to Windows 11,These include folders in the fixed application area of Start, live captions, a new focus experience, quick access improvements in File Explorer, new touch gestures, and more.New features in version 22557 Create and manage folders in the fixed application area of Start This release introduces the first version of folders.Simply drag one application onto another to create a folder.You can add more applications to folders, rearrange applications in folders, and remove applications from folders.Live subtitles Live subtitles will help all people, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing, better understand audio by viewing the subtitles of spoken content.Captions are automatically generated on the device from any content with audio.Subtitles can be displayed at the top or bottom of the screen or in a floating window.You can resize the marquee window, and you can customize the marquee appearance by applying or customizing marquee styles.Improving Fast Access in File Explorer We are rolling out updates to the Fast Access view in File Explorer.First, fixed-to-quick access support has expanded from just supporting folders to now also supporting files.Fixed files are displayed in a new section above recent files in Quick Access.View OneDrive Storage in File Explorer To help you control storage consumption and ensure your files are synchronized, we have added OneDrive integration to File Explorer New Touch Gestures This release includes 5 new touch gestures,Windows 11 Improved Snapshot Layout adds a new way to capture a window to capture a layout that works perfectly with touch and mouse!To try it out, simply drag a window to the top of the screen to show the capture layout, place the window at the top of the area to capture it, and then use capture assist to complete the build layout.More sustainable power Settings and recommended sleep and screen off defaults have been updated to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions when the computer is idle.Task Manager redesign and Efficiency Mode Updated the task Manager design to match the new Windows 11 design principles introduced a new PowerShell module to pre-configure languages and language-related functions this new PowerShell module allows users to use PowerShellPrompt easily add language and related language functions, and manage system preferred UI language, system locale, input method (keyboard), locale, voice recognizer, user preferred language list and other Settings.The Windows 11 taskbar now supports drag and drop.Having brought their Windows to the fore by hovering over the application in the taskbar, quickly dragging and dropping files between application Windows [File Manager] File Explorer will now display a preview of the items in the folder.Search for Applications and Settings in the Windows Search box on the taskbar now updates the Snapshot group visuals to include desktop wallpapers faster and more accurately than before to make it easier to distinguish your groups from regular Windows.[Voice Input] If you have multiple microphones connected to your PC, we will add the feature of the microphone you choose to use in voice input [Voice Access] Add a new setting for automatically adding punctuation marks when dictating text.You can turn it on by clicking the Settings icon on the Voice Access UI and selecting Automatic punctuation from Administration Options.Fixed a recurring backgroundTaskhost.exe problem encountered by some insiders.Fixed an issue that caused automatic HDR not to activate as expected in some games.Relieves the lsass.exe crash that caused some insiders to see a crash on the login screen during recent flights.[Taskbar] If you hold Down CTRL while hovering over the Mission view, the mission view should no longer crash.Dragging files on the taskbar on the secondary monitor should no longer cause Explorer. Exe to crash.[File Manager] has updated the storage usage button in the Disk Properties dialog, now called Details, and is wider to accommodate the language where the button text is truncated.Improved performance for deleting files in the recycle bin.Fixed the Blue light icon to align it with other drive and volume ICONS.[Input] Solves the problem that the IME candidate window accidentally does not follow your preference for light or dark modes.Fixed an issue that caused some elements of the voice input Settings pop-up window to be invisible in dark mode.The IME candidate window should now appear as expected in the username field of the UAC prompt.Update the term “alphanumeric/direct input” to “alphanumeric” in the Japanese IME context menu.Fixed a problem where typing hiragana in kana input mode would accidentally change to full hiragana if it was preceded by a half-corner character.Fixed a rare issue where the input switcher could accidentally list the same entry twice.Alleviates issues that sometimes cause unexpected black boxes in input switchers.Updated the input switcher so that it can now be made taller for people with more than 4 keyboards.Fixed memory leak in input switcher causing Explorer. Exe to crash after repeated fast use.Fixed a crash with Explorer. Exe when clicking more keyboard Settings in the input switcher.Fixed an issue where the emoji panel could say “you are offline” even if you have an Internet connection.Fixed an issue with multiple emojis and counterclockwise arrow button emojis showing the wrong emoji design.Updated personalization >Preview in the text input Settings page to reflect your desktop wallpaper, not the default wallpaper.Some work has been done to improve the reliability of the stop media button during media playback.[voice access] we fixed a Visual C++ runtime mismatch that prevented voice access from running on some PCS.[Search] Fixed high hit search crash.Clicking the search box in Start now will immediately switch to Search, without the search window animation showing up, as when you press the Windows key and start typing.[Setting] Resolved that the narrator did not read the system correctly.Problems with storing elements.Fixed time and language.Typing & gt;Broken size and Theme link under touch keyboard.In the update emphasize color or mode is done some work to help improve performance.We made changes to help reduce clipping in the combo box in Settings for certain languages and text sizes.Fixed an issue that caused the icon on the IME Settings page to sometimes have white text on a white background.Fixed an issue that caused setup buttons to truncate text in some languages in preview fonts.Fixed bug Mc-117589 – causing system >Display & gt;The preview video on HDR has a real potential crash.Fixed a potential issue that could cause Settings to crash when scrolling Windows.Tweaked the Wi-Fi icon in the Wi-Fi section of quick Settings so that the lock shown on the secure network now has a small separation from wi-fi strength, making it easier to distinguish.Windows Spotlight Updates the name of the Spotlight collection to Windows Spotlight, consistent with the lock screen.Changes were made to help make Windows Spotlight update images more reliable.If for some reason the new Windows Spotlight image doesn’t work on the desktop, it will now fall back to displaying the default Windows Spotlight background image (Whitehaven Beach) instead of a solid color background.Right-click Windows Spotlight’s “Learn more about this Picture” on your desktop now always shows all options, grayed out if they are not currently available.Tooltips should now align more consistently with the current image when hovering over Learn more about this image.[Open Windows] solves an issue that causes the minimize, maximize, and close buttons in File Explorer and some other applications to be invisible in some cases.Alleviates performance issues when dragging Windows with acrylic and other situations where acrylic is used.You should no longer see briefly visible yellow borders when taking screenshots.We made some improvements to address feedback about unexpected window repositioning.[Network] did some work to resolve issues that might cause some VPN connections to fail.If you are still experiencing problems, please click on the web and Internet >After connecting to the VPN client, submit feedback and record problems.Fixed an issue that caused Wi-Fi speeds to drop after waking the PC from sleep on a previous flight.

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