Iron soldier comments | a good work of touching the scene and making people cry

A few days ago, Mei Zixiang, director of literature and art department of China Railway Construction News, wrote a beautiful and tear-moving work titled “Historical Picture scroll accompanied by the railway troops and snow” after a heavy snow in Beijing.After this piece in a heavy snow, hidden in the China railway construction corporation authority compound pine and bamboo reflect a railway corps history and corporation between the huge relief as the background, the brilliant achievements from multiple sides and describes the railway corps 35 years of glorious course so many headwinds, a lifetime of hard years.This work composed of several precious historical pictures and texts was published on bing’s wechat group, which immediately aroused strong response and wide attention from comrades, netizens and readers, and won unanimous praise from everyone.Zheng Jianping, director of the soldier Network Cultural Creation Center, who selected background music for this work, wrote in her reading remarks: “The emotion caused by a snow is so solemn and stirring, so shocking!The immortal group carvings and the solemn military insignia in the photos silently narrate the great achievements of the railway forces over the past 35 years.There is me, there is you, there is a miniature of hundreds of thousands of iron soldiers, standing unbending in the wind and snow…”Soldier article and beauty center piece production department minister ZhaiJiSheng workers said: “snow, causing mei, director of penning snow, yi, leave the railway corps 35 years struggle of snow, the snow of the construction site, and poetry, the poet’s snow painter’s brush snow rainbow bridge, newspapers and magazines in the snow, the photographer’s repairing snow passers-by, writing with the snow,The railway forces are dedicated to the four directions as companions of wind, sand, cold and snow, and the iron dragons fly through the wind and snow, so the heroes of the railway forces are not afraid of the wind and snow!”In his message, lee moo-bing said, Jisang took out so many stories of the railroads from the early snow of the year of the Tiger and made the spirit of the railroads shine in the stories.An online user named ju Zhengtang Zhu said, “The railway forces made outstanding contributions in that era, and the snow dens, fire dragons and vegetable greenhouses created countless miracles in the forbidden area of life.Whether in times of war or peace, the railroad is a sharp sword, a ploughing sword that leaves traces and miracles on the earth.Praise to the railroads, but more importantly to Mei Zixiang who dug up the history of the railroads and carried forward the spirit of the railroads.”At present, at the time of writing, the comrade-in-arms, netizens and readers who left messages for Mei Zixiang’s excellent works are still continuing, and there are many, many, no longer listed one by one here.After reading the comments of his fellow soldiers and netizens, Mei zixiang said, “I thought I knew a lot about the railway, but when I saw the relief heart of the railway moving in the snow, I learned to shoot a video and planned to post it on a public account.My nose got sore when I looked at photos and videos, and I couldn t help myself as knowledge and photos of railway troops flooded my eyes.Yes, mei Zixiang comrain-in-arms with true feelings of the photos taken, sent out pictures, written words, not only moved him, but also moved many old iron people.As many of his comrades read, tears began to flow, and all of a sudden their hard years in the railway camp seemed to reappear.In my opinion, a work that makes both the author and the reader cry may be the difference between the works describing the railway history and other works.Attached: Mei Zixiang “The Railway, and the snow accompanied by the historical picture scroll” part of the text of the “Railway and ‘snow'” figure ▲ Resist the United States to aid Korea, snow and ice, the battle of the railway in Bailing Chuan bridge, 76 days of enemy aircraft bombing 26 times, dropped more than 7,000 bombs, blew up the river to change the flow, stone mountain cut short.The 9th company of the 1st Regiment of the 1st Division of the Railway Corps stood firm for 76 days and nights, crushed the enemy’s “strangling battle”, guaranteed the railway transport, and won the collective second-class merit.▲ Resistance to the United States aid Korea, the temperature dropped to more than 30 degrees below zero, the soldiers dug open the frozen snow ice, under the wooden cage, rushed to build the bridge.▲ In the spring of 1957, the construction troops of the Baotoulan-Lanzhou Railway marched toward the construction site of the new line in spite of wind and snow.Home of veterans Responsible Editor: Dream Wake Braid hair: Iron friend

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