Li Ning bold copy again?These Soulland co-branded slippers are so Yeezy inside!

Have to say, Li Ning since “turn over”, in the design more and more bold.Not to mention subverting the traditional image of sports products, and even deviating from the right track, playing with plagiarism, this wave of operation is really a little confusing…Recently, Li Ning X Soulland joint series 2022 autumn and winter new exposure, style design is still bold, one of the slippers sold out of season, caused a lot of netizens’ attention.At the same time, also attracted a lot of controversy, Li Ning plagiarism wave again rolled up, a moment can not be peaceful…Soulland and Li Ning jointly launched the slippers, called the Furious Rider Slide, as the name implies, is actually a derivative of the classic running shoe Series.From the appearance, the plaid element design of midsole is very similar to the new generation of strong jun midsole, but presented in the version of slippers, breaking the concept of running shoes.However, when many netizens saw the slippers, they compared them to The Yeezy slippers and concluded that Li Ning X Soulland slippers were aboveboard copying coconuts!Indeed, the style and design are similar to Yeezy slippers, and if China Fashion needs to rely on copying and borrowing to attract attention, I believe the road ahead is still bumpy.In other words, Li Ning since the fire, plagiarism storm has never been interrupted, but even in the gossip environment, Li Ning has never been discouraged, but “more scold more yong”.Next, to see what li Ning shoes were questioned plagiarism?Wade’s Way 9 grey Kid RIPS Air Mag’s Back to the Future?”Grey child” color matching inspiration from gray school uniform, the overall simple texture of the tone, is quite a bit of a big brand feeling.The biggest highlight of this sneaker lies in the addition of black technology, lamp belt device + button battery, adjustable three lights to enhance the sense of future science and technology, creating super avant-garde visual experience.However, no matter from the appearance or the concept of science and technology, Li Ning wei de road 9 “grey child” and Nike Air Mag “back to the future” some happened to coincide, the same color and the same lighting design, let a person had to question Li Ning copied Nike.Li Ning X Persue co-branded shoes copied Sacai?This co-branded shoes is based on Fangyuan Eternal li Ning. In addition to the creative design of graffiti cartoon elements, in order to meet the “Earth Day” theme design, environmental protection and recyclable materials are also specially added. From the appearance and innovation, Li Ning X Persue co-branded shoes are quite outstanding!However, no matter how good-looking the shoes also can not stand the question of plagiarism, many netizens have said that Li Ning “fangyuan” casual shoes and Nike Sacai joint shoes similar to 90%, especially the rear sole of the raised piece, can be said to be copied and pasted, directly change the logo and color will become “Li Ning”,Rather some too fool people ~ Li Ning strong jun Ace 1.5 copied From Paris Enciaga Li Ning Strong jun Ace 1.5 has been controversial since the advent, although carrying a sign of slow shock technology “Li Ningyun”, but deconstructed style of the appearance design and shoe outline, was also questioned plagiarism.Balenciaga Track, which is highly similar to Balenciaga Track, has little to distinguish it from other than the color scheme and logo.They are both dad shoes with very similar deconstruction style, which li Ning and Balenciaga can’t tell apart!Conclusion: To tell the truth, Although China Li Ning has soared in brand reputation, but there is really a lot of room for improvement in design, perhaps only completely get rid of the “shadow of other people’s shoes”, Li Ning can be called the real “light of domestic goods”!(Pictures from the network, if any infringement immediately delete)

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