Putian Lantern Festival :(4) city god parade to celebrate the Lantern Festival

Pinghaiwei City god parade has been passed down for more than 600 years. It is a representative item of intangible cultural heritage of Putian City.On the ninth day of the first lunar month, city God god, surrounded by floats and horses of “heavenly soldiers and generals”, “civil and military officials”, took a parade around the village with banners waving.Music is Tours everywhere sweeping (photo/Vincent wai lam) cruise started (photo/Vincent wai lam) article excursions (photo/XiaoZhengYu) the judge (photo/Xu Xueshi) Yin and Yang “officials” guard line (photo/Vincent wai lam) “dragon driving” accompanying photography/XiaoZhengYu folk custom, everyone devotion for prix red with green, dressed up huge, stilts team spectacular taking,Gongs and drums, dragon and lion jumping,Team of incessants villagers along the street to pray for the horse team accompanying (photography/Lin Wei) villagers pray (photography/Zhang Li) Japanese invasion of coastal Fujian 02 protect the country and protect the peopleIn the early Ming Dynasty, Japanese pirates invaded the coastal areas of Fujian, decimating the people of Putian. Marquis Jiang Xia, Zhou Dexing, was sent to Fujian by Emperor Taizu of Ming Dynasty to fight against Japanese pirates. Sixteen acropolis were built, and Pinghaiwei was one of them.Pinghai god is located in Pinghai Village, Pinghai Town, Xiuyu District, Putian City. It was built in the twentieth year of Hongwu of Ming Dynasty (1387), and rebuilt during the Reign of Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty after the boundary was restored, covering an area of more than 600 square meters.(photo/linhua.she) article cruise, yan xi constant displacement manages to the pure land, education with common peaceful country and safe people praying to the celebration of southeastern shengshi hua year surrounding attractions is located in putian city xiuyu district, the scenic, cultural heritage, has a flat Haitian harem, flat sea level of fishing port, golden beach scenic spots, such as more than 30, known as the “Oriental Hawaii” “putian tianyahaijiao” reputation.(Photo by Xu Wu) Located in Pinghai Town, Xiuyu District.It has a history of 1023 years, is the world’s first Mazu temple, is the most complete preservation of the Song Dynasty palace building original mazu palace, for the national key cultural relics protection units.(Photo by Zou Beixuan) In front of The Heavenly Harem Palace in Pinghai.In 1682, Shi Lang was ordered to recover Taiwan and stationed his army in Putian Pinghaiwei. When he encountered a severe drought and water shortage, he found an abandoned well in front of The Temple of the Queen of Heaven, more than ten feet away from the sea, “soiled brine is soaked, and the taste is salty and bitter”.Shi Lang prayed to Mazu and sent her men to dig the well several feet deep. The fresh water welled up and was inexhaustible.Shi Lang wrote “Shi Quan” tablet stand well side, and carved “Shi Quan Well record” to praise Mazu kindness, so far well preserved.(Photo by Lin Hua) The setting of Andy Lau’s film “Lost and Lost”.Pinghai southeast facing the sea on both sides, dozens of miles of coastline.The beach is gentle and spectacular, the sand is fine and soft, and the sun shines like gold.(Photo/Lin Zhenyang) Bathing beach (photo/Zeng Binglin) located in the north shore of Ping Bay, the harbor southwest and Meizhou Island across the sea, close to the minzhong fishing ground, superior geographical position, both water and land transportation, is the key fishing port of Fujian Province.(Photo/CAI Hao) Fishing Port tour (Photo/Putian Cultural Tour) Salt fields crisscrossing, dotted with stars.An aerial view of the salt pans shows the different colors of the earth due to the different salinity levels reflected by sunlight.(Photo/Chen Jianwei) Jinshi Square, also known as “Fengxian Square”.Located at the west gate of Pinghai Village, Pinghai Town, Putian, it is a well-preserved ancient stone square.(Photo/Lin Hua) Located in Hushi Town, Xiuyu District, the ancient name of Guoqingtang, an important part of Putian Nanyang Water system, commonly known as “Earth Sea”.Qingtang Heron is one of the 24 new Putian scenic spots.The huge wetland area and good ecological environment attract egrets and other dozens of national and provincial key protected wild animals to live and breed here. Now the beauty of “Qingtang Herons”, “Green fields bare by dragons” and “sky shining clouds shadow” is present.(Photography/Lin Hua) Qingtang Heron (Photography/Xiao Zhengyu) Qingtang Painting Scroll (photography/Lin Hua

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