Russia’s Foreign Ministry has announced the expulsion of US diplomats but did not say how many

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday announced the expulsion of US diplomats in Russia following the expulsion of members of the Russian Mission to the United Nations.However, the announcement did not specify the number.The announcement said the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the senior official of the US diplomatic mission in Russia on the same day and handed him a note with a list of US diplomats to be expelled.The American side was told that any hostile American action against Russia would be met with a strong and adequate response.On February 28, the United States announced the expulsion of 12 members of Russia’s permanent mission to the United Nations, saying the 21 had abused their residency privileges in the United States to engage in what it called espionage activities that endanger U.S. national security.On March 1, the United States announced the expulsion of a Russian U.N. worker.Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Niebinja expressed regret that the United States has once again grossly violated the Agreement between the United Nations and the United States on the United Nations Headquarters and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.(Edit: elegant)

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