Tongliao is a city in which province?

Tongliao is a prefecture-level city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.1. Tongliao city is high in the south and north, and low in the middle, in the shape of a saddle.In the north is the stone mountain and hill of the southern foothills of the Greater Khingan Mountains, accounting for 22.8% of the total area of Tongliao, with an altitude of 400-1300m;The southern part is the shallow mountain and loess hilly area of the western liaoning mountain margin, accounting for 7.0% of the total area of Tongliao, with an altitude of 550-730m.2. Tongliao city is located in the transition zone between forest and grassland. The original landscape is elm sparse forest grassland, with grassland vegetation as the main vegetation and forest vegetation as the second.The vegetation types are mainly composed of arid steppe type and xerophytic herbaceous plants.3. Tongliao city is rich in mineral resources, with 41 kinds of preliminally proved mineral deposits and more than 190 mineral deposits.Tongliao coal reserves 12.1 billion tons;Prospective reserves of oil are about 800 million tons;There are more than 10 iron, zinc, tungsten, copper and other metal deposits and more than 30 mineral sites. The “801” ore that attracts the world’s attention is rich in niobium, tantalum, beryllium, zirconium and other rare metals and heavy rare earth, with a total reserve of 6.8 million tons.The reserves of natural silica sand are the first in the country, known as the “treasure of smelting” graphite reserves are also very considerable, the magical function of the Chinese medical stone renowned at home and abroad.

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