What are the readers afraid to read in three brilliant novels that the author dares to write?

Hello, I am Cang Yiwei.Today I recommend three very interesting new books to you.”This Crossing is a Little early”, bronze old Five, 690,000 words serial.Introduce: a modern is taking grain of one warehouse, came to be short of clothes and little food time, does he calculate be richest man?Highlight clip: “1965…”A slightly humble bedroom, just through the Chu Heng gape at the half of the calendar nailed on the wall, the brain instantly emerged a lot of labels about this era.Poverty, hunger, chaos, no cell phone, no computer, no WiFi, no U browser…’It’s killing me!Chu Heng scowling scratching scalp, hurriedly finishing up the head of the body of the original master left chaotic memory, he wants to confirm.It wasn’t long before he had a rough idea of his situation.He still call ChuHeng now, 22 years old, is a veteran, working unit is four the9 three grain shop, book position is a member of 24 treatment level cadres, a salary and allowance is 45 block 5, now lives in painting, have two house, the ancestral tenants, parents are martyrs, leaves a SEC. Uncle relatives, named chu construction in LiangGuanSuo served as deputy director of the,He’s a man of deep background.”The Emperor”, Wang Zijun, 1.92 million words in serial.Introduce: return Ming end, reduce to be slave.This emperor, beggars can do, jian slave can do, the vagabonds can do, but the house slave can not do?Highlights: Zhao Han was hungry in the middle of the night to wake up, head dizzy, stomach hunger, the whole body are weak.Difficult to climb up, through the dim moonlight, faintly visible next to the little girl.She seemed so hungry that she curled up even when she slept, her little hands covering her stomach.This is my little sister, Zhao Han suddenly remembered.No, I’m an only child. What kind of sister do you get?Zhao Han shook his confused head and looked down at his clothes.I didn’t know what material it was, but it felt very rough, and there were old patches all over it. It was a garment that even a horse bandit wouldn’t look up to.In the first year of Chongzhen, a new emperor ascended the throne?”Prehistoric ancestors, the beginning to join the chat group”, three-color cup milk tea, 1.84 million words in serial.Introduce: Pass through hind, Li Luo opens an eye, see nu Wa knead earth to make a person!Only then did he discover that he was the first person created by Nuwa and given the name luo.Then, a golden finger named the world chat group, sent him an invitation!As a result, the painting style of the sky and the world gradually deviated a little!Chennan: “everybody is good, I call Chennan!”Shi Hao: “Chennan?Do you have a real brother named Chen Dong?Tell him I’ve been looking for him a long time! ‘Highlight clip: “You for Lo!””She said, pointing to the man.But the river is called Lo, hence his name.Pointing to the girl, he said, “You are ginger!”Two people smell speech, all rejoice to worship way: “Thank the Virgin Mother to give name!”Nu Wa nodded gently, obviously very satisfied with her masterpiece.The two men stood up and stood aside.The girl named Jiang looked around uncomprehensively, her eyes full of childlike innocence and curiosity about everything in the world.On the other side, the man named Lo lowered his head, his eyes flickering, a faint flicker of shock, ecstasy, excitement…Such emotions.Li Luo how unexpectedly, oneself unexpectedly crossed.And there’s nothing low about being a time-traveler.In the primordial world, the first human race created by nuwa knead the earth.Writing is not easy, and to do and cherish.My name is Cang Yiwei. I bring salt for “The Whispering of Cang shi”.Welcome to Book Review Land.

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