Xinsi Village, Jiexi County: Develop modern characteristic agriculture and build a beautiful and livable village

Xinsi Village, Hepo Street, Jiexi County has beautiful mountains and rivers, fresh air and abundant water resources. It is also famous for its famous scenic spots such as roaring Stone, flaming sky and Hengjiang River.There are 6 natural villages in Xinsi Village: Fuwuzhai, Shuibantou, Changqiu Keng, Mushi Keng, Xinjian Village and Fengmen Wa.Today, the village is vigorously developing modern characteristic agriculture, strengthening collective economy, enhancing villagers’ sense of gain, concentrating on building a beautiful and livable village, and accelerating rural revitalization.”Our village at the beginning of the year to complete the transformation of rural power grid, solved the historical legacy of the problem, and achieve the ‘four rooms one hall’ standardization, focus on the construction of party building positions, has invested 45,000 yuan to strengthen the construction of new four village party members activity positions, actively create a strong party building atmosphere and cultural atmosphere.”New four village party branch secretary Zhang Dollar told reporters.According to Zhang Mei, Xinsi Village launched the socialist new countryside demonstration village project in October 2018. Up to now, about 800,000 yuan has been invested in the beautiful countryside construction, including rain and sewage diversion project, garbage transfer station, public health station by the county government unified package construction.The projects built by the village are: Shuibantou recreation and fitness facilities, fuwuzhai fish pond renovation, Xinjian Zhai water works renovation, Mushikeng pond renovation, street lamp renovation, party and mass service center plaque three-dimensional renovation, etc.At present, Xinsi Village has formed a characteristic agricultural development pattern with tea and olive as the leading industries, and sugar orange, oil sweet, longan, litchi, mango and other fruits as supplementary industries.The village planted 250 mu of tea, 65 mu of olives;Planting litchi, longan, mango, oil gan 50 mu, sugar orange 25 mu.The village’s collective income has increased from less than 150,000 yuan in 2016 to 800,000 yuan now, and the 2021 income distribution of the new Siwei hydropower station, an industrial poverty alleviation project, has been fully distributed to households.The highlight of xinsi village is the stone-paved farming road between the Xinsi Bridge and the dam.Sightseeing road with stone zodiac, green lawn area of about 500 square meters.The village also uses stones from the river to place lawns for visitors to relax.In addition, there are also people stage, concentric circle barrage and so on.”Every summer and autumn season, farming sightseeing road, concentric circle barrage, people on the stage people get together happily, come to play in an endless stream of people.”Zhang Dollars said.In recent years, xinsi Village, with the support of jiexi County Women’s Federation, civil affairs, the Communist Youth League and other forces, has upgraded the elderly activity center, which has been idle for many years, as a new era civilization practice station, comprehensive cultural service center, women and children’s home, children’s harbor and other positions, realizing the integration of resources.In 2021, the village’s new era civilization practice station was rated as one of the city’s “top ten women’s homes” by the municipal Women’s Federation.”Due to the large population outside the village, there has been land abandoned, in recent years we carry out the ‘eradication’ action, to achieve land transfer, at present changqiu Keng 50 mu abandoned land has become sugar orange planting base, Mushi Keng 100 mu abandoned land has become a strawberry base.In addition, we have further expanded the area of tea fields to increase villagers’ economic income and lay a solid foundation for the revitalization and prosperity of the village.”Zhang Dollars said.By consolidating the achievements made in poverty alleviation and carrying out a series of rural revitalization projects, Xinsi Village is slowly developing a picture of a new countryside with beautiful environment, livable environment and ecological charm.Source: Jieyang Daily Reporter: Zhang Xiuchuan Editor: Jing Ling

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