Folk tale: Biaoshi New Year’s eve revenge, half way across the old gift, help him avoid a bullet

During the reign of Emperor Qianlong of qing Dynasty, there was a hong Family Biaoju at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain in Luoyang. The biaoju was led by a 19-year-old young man named Hong Quan, who was born with great strength and practiced martial arts.Since the death of his father, Hong Liang, he has taken over the fort.Young and promising, martial arts, should have been a matter of envy, but this Hong Quan often sigh.It turned out that his father, Hong Liang, had told him something before he passed away. He said that some years ago, he had a martial arts competition with a man named Li Kui, and had lost a crushing defeat. He could not be reconciled to it, so he asked his son to avenge his humiliation and defeat Li Kui.Hongquan although in the radius of a hundred li is also a prominent figure, but self-knowledge and his father’s skill is still far from ten thousand miles, this even father beat the people, he will never be able to achieve his father’s wishes.He heard that on Mount Qingcheng there was a mingde monk with hair and boundless spiritual power. After much thinking, Hong Quan went to the Pagoda Temple to learn from his teachers, hoping to fulfill his father’s will.Master Mingde saw The bones of Hong Quan and full of sincerity, he accepted him as a disciple, according to the characteristics of Hong Quan as strong as an ox, let him practice two large copper hammer every day, the two copper hammer each weighing 88 jin, hammer handle chain interlocking the two hammer together.Under the master’s guidance and guidance, Hong Quan in just a year’s time, will play the copper hammer tiger tiger wind, invincible.Immediately approaching the Spring Festival, Hong Quan remembered his father’s last wish has not been completed, can not help but immediately for the father of the idea of revenge.Once he had this idea, the pagoda Temple Hong Quan could not stay a day, so he immediately went down the mountain without telling his master.After paying homage to his father’s grave, Hong Quan went home with a line of troops and went straight to The Black Wind Ridge to fight with Li Kui.When I saw the sky getting dark and the road was narrow, I saw a slender man in front, wearing a bamboo hat and a long coat, blocking the way.Hongquan heart angry loudly shouted: “in front of that not long eyes, not quickly dodge!”Did not expect that the man not only did not dodge, but also continued to leisurely and leisurely walk forward, Hong Quan heart a malicious, evil from the edge of courage, the two sledgehammers thrown out, only listen to the hammer in the air whir, everyone was scared a cold sweat, think that the man this can really caused a disaster.At that moment, he saw that the sledgehammer was about to swing at the man’s back, and he turned around quickly, his left knee slightly bent, and calmly raised his right hand, fingers in the shape of scissors.Just listen to “crash” a sound, the chain was actually life and life of the man’s fingers cut, fell to the ground, the ground hit two big holes.Hongquan be frightened and pale, hurriedly dismount arch hand: “the villain is blind to Taishan, many have offended, please forgive the master, dare to ask the master’s name, live where?”The man looked round.”I have offended you, Master Hong. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. The mountain road is narrow and difficult.I, Li Kui, once met your father once. It is quite common for martial arts practitioners to fight with each other. Why should your father be upset by a temporary victory or defeat, and why should you come to me angrily again?If you don’t mind, how about a cup of tea under the roof?”When Hong Quan heard Li Kui’s words, he was so angry that he rolled his eyes. He knew he was no match for li Kui.When Hong Quan returned home, he decided to leave home again and go to the Pagoda Temple to continue his martial arts practice.Without thinking, Master Mingde blamed him, saying that he had taught him martial arts, not to let him seek revenge for personal enmity, so he would be expelled from the school.Hearing what the master said, Hong Quan be frightened and pale, self-aware but unwilling, then kneel to cry, said to know wrong please forgive the master, the teachers and brothers are not moved, kneel together to plead for Hong Quan.Mingde master helpless, then promised him to stay, but put forward three requirements: a, later not to secretly down the mountain.Two, in the future under the head of the service.No kung fu training is allowed.Hongquan listened to the teacher immediately dumbfounded, this net head was cleaning the dirty work of the toilet, now let him a hall of biaoju coach to do, feel it is too much.But master in anger, he can not say much, then agreed.A year later, Hong Quan did not go down the mountain and did his work well, nor did he practice martial arts in public.Approaching the end of the year, Hong Quan misses his family, and laments the master’s ruthlessness, refusing to forgive himself, and teaches himself martial arts. Tossing and turning in the attic makes it difficult to fall asleep, he opens a window and looks far into the distance, but sees a person practicing boxing in the moonlight, only hears the wind of boxing, and sweeps the withered branches and withered leaves on the tree into the ground.Hong Quan looked closely, only to find that it was his master, Hong Quan heart great joy, then follow the master’s figure, in the attic to follow the master boxing.Since then, as long as the master is practicing boxing here, Hong Quan will not miss, a year past, Hong Quan boxing strength increases, secretly rejoicing in the heart.One day, as he lay meditating in his bed, a white light whistled past his neck, stuck it in the wood at the head of the bed, and it was humming.Hongquan was scared out of a cold sweat, carefully pulled out the dagger, only to see that there is a white silk on the dagger, it reads: Martial arts ambition in fitness, must not be competitive to kill.Looking at the silk handwriting, Hong Quan suddenly realized that in fact, the master had known his little mind, which was to warn himself again.Compared with the master, Hong Quan felt that his skill was really weak and did not dare to seek revenge, so he decided to continue to learn from his master in secret, and the contest would be decided in the future.In a twinkling of an eye is a year past, Hong Quan practiced a skill, the sword can be off at will to take off, within 100 steps to take a person’s head, such as a bag.Three years of the appointment is approaching, the insult of the shear hammer has always haunted Hong Quan’s mind, he asked his master for instructions, has not been home for three years, is very miss home mother, want to go home to visit.The master promised, he told him to return quickly after the Lantern Festival, must not rely on their own martial arts, repeat mistakes.Hong Quan bid farewell to the master, then hurried on the road.Besides, Li Kui realized that he was old and weak, and his health was not as good as before. He had to guard against the narrow-minded Hong family who kept coming to find fault with him.Later he thought of the original farewell master, master gave him a martial arts secrets to let him go home after practice.Li Kui, frustrated that he had no sword in his hand, took off his straw sandals to practice his sword.Day after day after day, he studied and practiced hard. The sandal in his hand had been practiced to perfection, even more powerful than the sword.One day, li Kui had practiced his last move “Double Dragons going to sea”, but his right leg was dislocated without the help of his master. From then on, Li Kui became a crippled man.On New Year’s Eve, Hong Quan left the Pagoda Temple and rode his fast horse straight to Heifeng Ridge to look for Li Kui. However, an old man with tall hair and a silver beard stopped him on the way and told him with a smile that it was a bad omen for him to go to Heifeng Ridge this time. He advised him not to go on his own and take risks.Hong Quan was very angry and scolded the old man for not fart, saying such unlucky words during the Spring Festival. The old man laughed and said, “The young man should not go to seek revenge on Li Kui because he has been practicing three-legged kung fu for several days. He simply overreached himself!”Seeing that he did not have the slightest intention of changing his mind, he took out a paper package from his arms and handed it to him, saying that it could protect his life at the critical moment.Hongquan dubious, took the paper package also did not say thank, galloped straight to the black wind ridge.When they arrived at the Black Wind Ridge, They saw Li Kui looking haggard and stumbling, as if he had been waiting for them for a long time. Hong Quan was amused and felt that the old man he had just met was exaggerating.Hong quan one arch hand: “safe and sound!”Li Kui pointed to his leg with a bitter smile: “I am a cripple. my life is too busy for me.If you don’t mind, please go to the house and drink tea.”But Hong Quan was ungrateful, and had put on a fighting posture: “No secret words, no polite, I am for the appointment of three years, come to ask for your advice!”If I have sinned many times in the past, I hope haihan. The old man is willing to make amends to you with three glasses of wine. Now if you want to compete with me, a disabled person, even if you win, it will not be a glorious thing to spread to the rivers and lakes.”But Hong Quan didn’t listen. Two flashes of white light showed the sword pointing straight at Li Kui’s throat. With a whoosh, two straw sandals appeared and twined with the sword, flying up and down.A bag of smoke in the past, Li Kui has physical fatigue, pale, the whole body seems to be soaked with sweat.The sword was close at hand. Li Kui tried his best to stretch his legs, and the two dragons went out to sea.Li Kui suddenly doubled his power and luck pushed the sword back to Hong Quan. Hong Quan could not stand it, so he had to take the sword and run away.When Li Kui caught up with him, he saw hong Quan beaten black and blue by the straw sandals flying up and down for a while.Suddenly he remembered the advice the old man had given him. When he unfolded it, He shouted loudly, “Brother, please forgive me!Brother, please!”Hearing Hong Quan’s cry, Li Kui stopped quickly and asked him whose disciple he was. Hong Quan quickly replied: Disciple of Master Mingde of the Pagoda Temple!But before he could finish, he was struck three times on the back of his head, which made his head buzz.Mingde master angrily hongquan repeatedly unrepentant, said that although his father left his last will, but wrong why listen to it?Learning martial arts should not be concerned about victory or defeat, but learning from each other’s strengths and developing national skills is the right way.He repeatedly made mistakes, this time to li Kui disposal.Hearing this, Li Kui humbly said, “Since your eldest brother asked me to forgive him, I will obey him. Let him follow his master back to the mountain for further cultivation.Then Hong Quan realized that it was his elder brother who had given him the gift, and li Kui was his second elder brother. The three of them were a master. But it was absurd for Hong Quan to retaliate against his fellow master without telling his master.Later, Hong Quan followed the master back to the mountain, after years of training, and their own innovation and integration, research “Hong Family boxing”, finally became a generation of famous martial arts master in the Central Plains.Write in the end: we advocate filial piety, but not all things parents do are right, right to listen to, wrong to change, must not blindly listen to, cause a disaster will regret late.As parents, we should establish a correct outlook on life and values for our children. We must not destroy ourselves and our children for selfish desires.Don’t be arrogant!

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