Jinnan District, Tianjin: “Government + market” has made social assistance faster and hotter

In recent years, The Civil Affairs Bureau of Jinnan District of Tianjin has continued to focus on service shortcomings, promoted the innovation of social assistance system and mechanism led by the Party construction of “theater system, leading officials and delegating power”, and explored a new path of “government + market” social assistance, making social assistance faster and more efficient.Recently, a return visit team composed of district, town and village level civil affairs experts came to the north Zhakou town, Jinnan District, low-income households Guo home, to understand his current physical condition and family conditions, and listen to his evaluation of the district social assistance comprehensive service information platform.”In February 2022, I scanned the QR code on the comprehensive assistance service card on my mobile phone, logged in to the district’s comprehensive social assistance service information platform, and applied for temporary assistance.It took me only three days to scan the code and get the money. It was very convenient and quick. It was really helpful to me.”With said.The district comprehensive social assistance service information platform is connected with the village (community), town and district civil affairs network.At first, Guo simply described the reason for filing on the platform.After receiving the news, the village civil affairs professional immediately contacted him, verify information, and the first time to take the relevant paper data, reported to the town civil affairs department.After the preliminary review, the township civil affairs department will submit the review to the District Civil Affairs Bureau through the exclusive network, and then the district Civil Affairs Bureau will release the review progress in real time on the platform.Online and offline “relay”, running out of service “acceleration”, so that social assistance has realized a qualitative change from “passive application” to “active discovery”.”Previously, we collected and found ‘difficult and complicated diseases’ from people in need by traditional methods such as household visits and telephone inquiries,” said a responsible comrade of the Public service office of Beizhakou Town, Jinnan District.The district comprehensive social assistance service information platform is like a bridge, connecting people’s demand and policy supply in the first time, improving our work efficiency.”Photo source:Jinnan good client information platform of integrated services of jinnan social assistance claim report, also compatible with the rescue population statistics, real-time early warning monitoring, emergency rescue, covered in the low-income residents, extremely poor support staff, low-income families, special difficult people, such as edge households in the staff more than 16000 people, and customize issued guard card – comprehensive rescue service card.They only need to scan their own QR code to access services such as “apply for social security”, “make people’s life easier”, “interpret policy documents” and “call for emergency assistance”.Since its launch in January 2022, the platform has received and handled 168 cases of social assistance, 93 cases of epidemic relief and 31 cases of emergency relief.Jinnan District Civil Affairs Bureau relief section responsible comrade said: “In view of the previous social assistance work in the active discovery of not timely, emergency relief funds in place lag and social forces to participate in the lack of problems, the district civil affairs bureau bold attempt, with the help of ‘external brain’ to make up for shortcomings.After 5 months of design, research and development, we and Tianjin Lixin Technology Co., Ltd. jointly established the Jinnan District social assistance comprehensive service information platform.On the one hand, we realized the purpose of immediate discovery and active discovery by virtue of the advantages of ynetcom.On the other hand, relying on third parties, we have realized the advance payment of emergency relief funds, emergency rescue and public welfare services, making social assistance more precise and efficient.”Based on the joint meeting mechanism established in 2018, Jinnan District has invested civil affairs forces in housing and construction, medical insurance, education, disabled persons’ Federation and other departments.In order to further play the role of multi-department linkage, the platform is integrating the relevant data resources of the member units of the joint conference, so that more information can run and less people can run.At the same time, to highlight “comprehensive” attribute, the platform will also integrate pension institutions, day care team, by the people more social resources, such as organization, loving people into special attention by the society more and more people, more measures and do real “expansion” article, further perfect “8 + 1” new social assistance system, weave dense social safety nets.The first is the target of capacity expansion.The platform will gradually incorporate the disabled elderly, the elderly who lost their only child, the disabled and the mentally ill;The second is capacity expansion information.On the basis of the existing civil affairs data, we will share and exchange information on education, medical care, housing, employment and other information of the insured population, so as to achieve comprehensive evaluation;The third is to expand the service content.Relying on the high-quality social power of third-party companies, enrich the public welfare service activities, so that the single aid can better transform into a diversified ‘capital + material + service + care’, and make the social aid more popular.”District civil affairs bureau rescue section responsible comrade said.

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