“Network China Festival” during the Spring Festival in Hangzhou, except scenic spots, the city’s public road parking free

Hangzhou, Jan 28 (Xinhua) — The city administration bureau of Hangzhou said it will adjust the management of road parking charges during the Spring Festival in 2022, as the number of motor vehicles in the city will decrease and parking conflicts will be eased.On January 31, 2022 (New Year’s eve) to February 6 (people), in addition to the scenic area, the city (uptown, gongshu district, depressed, binjiang, qiantang zone, xiaoshan district, yuhang district, in the flat area, fuyang area, linan area, jiande, tonglu county, chunan county) road public parking garages free of charge, on Feb. 7 (the 7th day) restore fee since at 8 in the morning.How do you charge for parking in west Lake during Spring Festival?According to hangzhou Administration Office Letter (2014) No. 101 document, from January 31, 2022 (New Year’s Eve) to February 6, 2022 (the sixth day of the first month), the West Lake scenic spot government pricing parking lot and road berthing implementation of the Golden Week charging standard: small cars: 8 to 20 hours, 30 yuan per hour;20-8 o ‘clock the next day, 5 yuan each time;Large car: 8-20, 10 yuan per hour;20-8 o ‘clock the next day, 5 yuan each time.

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