On January 27th, the United States issued an ultimatum to the Russian ambassador, and the British prime minister refused to step down after Ukrainian soldiers shot fellow soldiers

A wave not flat, a wave again!The only constant in the world is change.In the face of “profound changes unseen in a century”, the international situation remains unstable and insecure.On January 27, the Chinese people are about to celebrate the Spring Festival, and the United States, Russia, Britain and Ukraine have announced three events worth paying attention to.Let’s start with the US ultimatum to the Russian ambassador.At present, the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate, while the United States to Ukraine “knife”, the delivery of weapons;On the one hand, it was ready to abandon Kiev’s plan and evacuate its citizens from Ukraine.Meanwhile, at the diplomatic level, the United States has been sending “unfriendly signals” to Russia.Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, said Tuesday that he has been informed by the US State Department that he will be forced to leave the country in April if Moscow fails to meet some of the us demands.The so-called “some demands” mainly refer to Moscow’s granting of visas to the security guards of U.S. Ambassador To Russia Peter Sullivan.It was not so much a notification as a threat to expel Mr Antonov if Russia did not comply with its demands.Antonov also revealed that another group of Russian diplomats have been forced to leave the United States recently.More than 120 Russian diplomats have been expelled from the US during his tenure, which began in 2016, and the number continues to rise.Since Biden took office, US-Russia relations have deteriorated further, with the United States and its Allies significantly tightening sanctions against Russia.After several rounds of “diplomatic expulsions”, the total number of Russian diplomats in the United States is now less than 200.The number of American diplomats in Russia is even smaller, at 120, a 90 per cent drop from five years ago.Although relations between The United States and Russia have not broken to the point of severing diplomatic relations, both Russian and American diplomatic offices in The United States are now struggling to operate due to staff shortages.And all this, thanks to the United States.In addition, the United States has seized Russian diplomatic property on trumped-up charges, including Russian embassies in Washington, San Francisco, New York and Seattle.Since 2018, Russian diplomats have sent nearly 500 requests to the State Department to visit the buildings, but they have all been turned down.There are signs that Biden has no intention of defusing the SITUATION between the United States and Russia. In the context of the epidemic, rising inflation and ongoing supply chain crises in the United States, Biden needs Russia to divert domestic attention and the CONFRONTATION between the United States and Russia will become more and more regular.And then there’s the shooting of fellow Soldiers by Ukrainian soldiers.Ukraine’s armed forces were already in disarray before full-scale war broke out between Russia and Ukraine.A Ukrainian soldier opened fire with an AK-47 assault rifle on fellow soldiers in Dnipro, Ukraine’s third largest city, killing 5 people and wounding 5 others, the Interior Ministry confirmed Sunday.The soldier was a 21-year-old recruit to the Ukrainian National Guard.Among the five killed were four Ukrainian soldiers and one civilian.The assailant is still at large.While the motive for the attack remains unclear, it may be partly related to heightened tensions between Russia and Ukraine.At present, Russia has deployed 100,000 troops along the border with Ukraine. According to western media, once war is ignited, the Russian army will exceed 200,000 troops in a short time due to its strong strategic projection capability.For the second time in a week, Zelensky reassured Ukrainians that the prospect of all-out war had not increased and appealed for calm.But ukrainians have been looting basic necessities and rushing to banks to exchange cash.It is worth noting that the day before this Ukrainian soldier shot his comrades, that is, on The 26th, a demonstration took place in Kiev. A large number of demonstrators gathered in front of the highest Rada (parliament) building in Ukraine to vent their dissatisfaction with Zelensky’s economic reforms.With tensions rising along the Border with Ukraine, more Ukrainian soldiers are being sent to the front lines, which is bound to put enormous psychological pressure on soldiers.Under this kind of pressure, often some trivial things will become the fuse of malignant events.For the sake of Ukraine’s national interests and the safety of more than 41 million Ukrainians, it is time for Mr. Zelensky to recognize reality and de-escalate the situation.Finally, there is the prime minister’s refusal to step down.British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been embroiled in a row over parties in Downing Street following two major COVID-19 scandals at the end of last year.Johnson appeared before the House of Commons on Tuesday for the third time since the “party gate” scandal broke.Meanwhile, Mr. Johnson reiterated that he would not resign.Mr Johnson added that the reason so many people wanted him to resign was because they knew the government was “trustworthy”.The British press has recently revealed that at least 11 illegal gatherings, ranging in size from a dozen to dozens of people, were held at 10 Downing Street between May 2020 and 2021, several of which were attended by Johnson himself.The successive epidemic prevention scandals have put Johnson under enormous public pressure, from British society to politics, calling for his resignation.In an attempt to keep his grip on power, Johnson commissioned a senior civil servant, Gray, to launch operation Save the Dogs, an investigation into a series of health scandals.Johnson told the public he would wait for the outcome of the investigation to decide whether he would resign.Mr Gray’s report is due to be published this week.But whether Johnson steps down or not really has little to do with the outcome of the inquiry.Since Gray had been appointed by Johnson in the first place, the report was naturally in his favour.It is the attitude within the Conservative party that will determine Mr Johnson’s fate.Some 30 Tory MPS have now written to senior party figures suggesting a vote of no confidence in Mr Johnson.Under party rules, the process can begin when 54 MPS agree to move a motion of no confidence in the prime minister.Now it is close to reaching that threshold.If Johnson is put to a vote of no confidence, his premiership will almost certainly be over.As the head of the British government and the architect of the country’s quarantine regulations, Johnson not only turned a blind eye to illegal rallies in Downing Street, but even took the lead in breaking quarantine regulations.Mr Johnson should have thought of the quandary he faces as he indulges himself and his fellow officials time and again.In other words, Mr Johnson’s current crisis of resignation is entirely of his own making, and nobody is to blame.

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