On the third day of the lunar New Year, the highway from Pengan to Nanchong was congested and even saw traffic accidents

Annual grade, drive from peng Ann to nanchong, found on the high speed vehicle much better in the afternoon, met N multiple brief congestion, long dragon see fore and aft, stop-and-go annoying, then regrets now car just like the old bike, entered the ordinary men, families can afford to buy, if anyone was out a car to car go,Especially for the holiday season, various styles of luxury cars through the streets, many hundreds of thousands of a luxury car drivers are working class, small business, now did raise the living standards of the broad masses shortly after the entrance of the high-speed through traffic, all around the car, could not move, once made me feel walk road still perhaps faster,Fortunately, the traffic jam is only temporary, and I will be able to drive forward slowly soon. After passing that tunnel (I can’t remember the name of the tunnel, even if it is something I have experienced, I will suddenly forget a lot of things. I strongly suspect that it is caused by using the computer for too long every day), there may be several hundred meters between us.There are two cars are put out a triangle warning signs, under the double flash stop at the roadside, the body should be damaged, the driver standing next to the traffic police are understanding the situation, estimate the owner even if the insurance company can rely on, money and mood, or will be affected.There is no charge for high speed during the Spring Festival, on the car, more so now after should in return nanchong, chengdu these vehicles for many large and medium-sized cities direction, from nanchong to peng Ann car compared with peng Ann to nanchong traffic, much less, so is unobstructed, in time, peng Ann to nanchong in intermittent high-speed traffic jam,With a big free one hour zero minutes just under qinglian export, and nanchong to Pengan high speed did not encounter traffic jam, only when 30 minutes to the high-speed exit, the contrast is obvious, I guess, after two days pengan to Nanchong or Chengdu on the highway may be more cars, suggested that we travel attention to arrange the itinerary

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