Please accept the happy attack of “Tiger Grandpa” Hwang Joon-young!

Pearl river channel the Spring Festival to the eve of the “civil war” is about to start since ancient times has a gap between north and south culture and as an old friend of guangdong audience jun-ying huang from first contact crosstalk and aspire to be being attracted deeply by it and threw the north crosstalk “nan yue” in 2022, the pearl river channel special New Year’s eve in the pearl river in spring warm happiness jun-ying huang also returned to the familiar crosstalk stage except in big tigerThe family’s respected “Tiger grandpa” heard that he also challenged the Cantonese rap for the first time to get five-star praise?Despite the role change Huang Junying always brings infinite laughter to the audience at 19 o ‘clock on the 29th evening of the year to receive this happy sudden attack!Cantonese crosstalk more happy New Year refused to scowl “tiger” face!In this New Year’s Eve special program, Huang Junying first returned to the “old line”, partner He Baowen brought the year of the Tiger’s first cross talk – “happy to say tiger”.As an old friend of pearl River Channel’s New Year’s Eve program, Huang junying looks forward to meeting familiar audiences every year and bringing joy to them with his performances on stage.As for the feature of this year’s program, Huang believes that the tiger is the king of animals, and the New Year should be a tiger, not a sad “tiger” face.Huang also revealed that this year’s New Year’s Eve program is closely tied to elements of the Year of the Tiger, with many tiger-related jokes performed in Cantonese.”Cantonese + laughter” double surprise, the first joy of 2022, booked!Five stars for your first Rap?”Tiger Grandpa” awakens intangible Cultural Heritage!In addition to the old line, Huang Junying also served as the main role in the whole program – the “Tiger father” of the tiger family and foshan wood New Year painting non-hereditary person.Talk about the past, in the picture scroll “guide the country”…Huang junying will lead the audience into time travel again and again, witness the “resurrection” moment of intangible cultural heritage.In addition, Wong chun-ying also participated in the “Tiger Spring Festival Joy Tao Tao” and “Chinese New Year Ode” two songs and dances.Among them, he and Master Dongshan carried out a “Cantonese Rap” big competition, did not expect to comment on others huang Teacher unexpectedly harvested five-star praise?With the upcoming Year of the Tiger approaching, “Tiger Grandpa” put up a New Year picture on the spot, and also sent wishes to the audience: “I wish you all the glory in the Year of the Tiger, and good luck in the year of the Tiger!”

Come to 2022 Pearl River Channel New Year’s Eve special program “Pearl River Spring Warm Happy Year” to receive Huang Junying’s happy storm!Special thanks to a thriving business Drink much treasure this program by adding the stupa special broadcast this programme comes by courtesy of a supplementary nutrition improve brain memory life. 1 special broadcast writing | Wu Chenghua edit | XiaoYu statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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