Thank you letter received at Xiamen University!New progress in nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine!

Xiamen university and the new champions league vaccine is currently carried out overseas Ⅲ phase of clinical trial it without injections administered by nasal spray first Ⅲ period before clinical trials are the final phase of clinical trial of xiamen university’s official website news released yesterday revealed vaccine research and development progress of the news said the State Council to COVID – 19 outbreak zone spreading mechanism research team vaccine development programThank you letter to Xiamen University.”In the past two years, xiamen university, with a high degree of political sense of mission and sense of responsibility, have the courage to bear, willing to pay, overcome difficult, unity, cooperation, in the hundreds of hard work, day and night, by the exquisite business ability actively carry out the new vaccine development, make our country remain the world’s first phalanx vaccine development, snatch strategy for disease prevention and control in our country,It has made great contributions to China’s vaccine research and development and has been highly recognized by the Party and the country.”The school later said, xiamen university, national engineering research center for infectious disease diagnosis reagent and vaccine of scientific research team and the university of Hong Kong, the digest wantai biological cooperation of the world’s first nasal spray flu virus carrier new crown was incorporated into one of the five research technique route, Ⅲ phase of clinical trial is currently overseas.The Novel Coronavirus vaccine developed by Xiamen University and others is a temperature sensitive replication live virus vector vaccine prepared by introducing RBD fragment of novel coronavirusS gene on the basis of double attenuated influenza virus vector (CA4-DNS1). It is inoculated by nasal spray and forms the first-line protective immune response against novel coronavirus locally in respiratory tract.It has the characteristics of quick effect, lasting protection, broad-spectrum anti-mutation, convenient inoculation and good safety.Let’s look forward to it!Source: Xiamen Daily, Fujian Daily, Xiamen Radio and Television
Editors: Lian Qian, Lai Xuhua
This scene from the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics has gone viral!Zhang Yimou thought about it for 2 years!Very beautiful and Chinese!

Congratulations!The Chinese women’s ice hockey team got its first win

Local confirmed cases are +12, of which Guangdong is +5!Xiamen disease control issued the latest alert →
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