The space design of the “ice rings” for the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics has been revealed

Beijing, Feb. 5 (CNS) — The five rings of the Olympic Games made an impressive appearance and display at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The waterfall congealed into ice from the sky, and the ice Cube, nearly three stories high, rose slowly. The brilliant laser struck the ice Cube and carved the crystal clear five rings.Behind this link lies the elaborate design of a winter Olympics team of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.According to the introduction, the structure of the ice ring is shaped, large span, low stiffness, its design and rocket development are similar, the weight and precision requirements are very demanding.Referring to space structure design methods, relevant teams developed a “skeleton” aluminum alloy truss structure, “clothes” LED display, and “coat” diffusion plate for the fifth ring, making the fifth ring as strong and light as the rocket body.In addition, the fifth ring had to be raised in the icecube, the largest lifting device in the entire ground system, and every process had to be perfectly coordinated.The development team, under the condition of limited site, through the precise control of 315kW motor, driving 16 chains, 16 wire rope composed of 4 sets of synchronous transmission units, so that the lifting precision control in millimeter level.Hidden in the “ice cube” ice rings China aerospace science and technology group, a hospital For figure wind and a new generation of Chinese like rocket launch vehicle has very strong ability to resist the wind, the designer also gives the rings, the suspension height up to 10 meters of the Olympic logo, in the opening ceremony, even if have 6 levels of wind, also has a high concentration.Weighing about 3 tons and only 350 millimeters thick, the ultra-thin device rises and falls rapidly at high altitude, making it easy to stand up and roll over like a piece of paper in the face of strong winds.In order to lift the fifth ring safely, the core is to control the shape of the product, followed by the determination of the lifting point.In order to achieve the best visual effect, only two lifting points can be used during the lifting process.In this regard, the project team accurately determined the lifting point through a large number of calculations and tests, and achieved the performance effect of smoothly lifting the five rings and lifting them to the predetermined height with the five-star red flag.Like rockets, there are “spare parts”. In space system engineering, reliability design is also the most important.The long March-2F rocket will be ready for manned space missions in 2021, and the design of the fifth ring also has “spare parts.”The fifth Ring uses a large number of LED screens. What if the lights in one unit temporarily fail?The team used a dual-screen redundant spliced LED programmable display, one of which was faulty and the other immediately remounted.In order to ensure the success of the display of the fifth Ring, the winter Olympics team of the First Academy conducted thousands of virtual simulation tests according to the space system engineering method and the requirements of the standard space quality control, risk control, design optimization and so on, and presented a different fifth ring with space technology.Source:

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