Tongcheng Kongcheng Education Group school takes many measures to promote students’ mental health education special action

In order to promote the standardization, normalization and long-term effect of mental health education, Tongcheng Kongcheng Education Group school, through strengthening the organization and leadership, strengthening inspection and supervision, creating a good atmosphere, strengthen home-school cooperation and other measures, to ensure that mental health education special action to achieve actual results.Strengthen organizational leadership.The school of Kongcheng Education Group has set up a work leading group with the principal of the school as the group leader, the principal of each school as the deputy group leader, and the staff in charge of each school as members.Each school set up the work leading group with the homeroom teacher as the member accordingly.The participation of head teachers is conducive to bringing students’ mental health education and mental health problems into the social field of preventing and resolving major risks and strengthening supervision and guidance.Carry out inspection and supervision.Kong Cheng education special action group, the school the students mental health education into the “three to” warning education important content, is not to carry out the supervision inspection regularly, organize supervision plan management, psychological health function room set, mtcsol teachers equipped with mental health and responsibility to carry out the education training, the schools, and so on and so forth, she found the problem rectification in place,Schools with poor work and frequent problems will be notified and criticized.Create a good atmosphere.All schools of Kongcheng Education Group make full use of campus radio and special magazines to publicize scientific education concepts and mental health knowledge, and require class teachers to strengthen positive publicity and guidance through class meetings and parents’ wechat groups to create a campus environment that meets the requirements of students’ mental health education.Strengthen home-school cooperation.In addition to using the holiday everyone visit, Kong Cheng education group school schools also organize targeted home visits, visits focus on students, understand their family, health, mood changes, etc., to guide parents to understand the crucial importance of mental health education, and family obligations in mental health education, let the school mental health education and family mental health education complement each other, forming resultant force.A series of special action measures of mental health education carried out by Kongcheng Education Group school effectively protect the mental health of teachers and students, ensure the normal education and teaching order of each school, and promote the stability and harmony of the campus.(Zhang Hui) statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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