What kind of is xinhua community sports center updated after?People’s advice is very important

Xinhua Community Sports Center, consisting of three old factory buildings, will be updated. What will it look like in the future?From now until February 28, “Xinhua Community Sports Center update people’s suggestions collection exhibition” in the adjacent community sports center treasure · Xinhua exhibition, can see 40 public proposals into 15 golden ideas, and 5 groups of professional design schemes.On February 16, in the xinhua community sports center update proposal people’s suggestion collection exhibition designer public meeting activity, the public and the designer face to face communication, accept people’s opinions, together for the sports center to describe the future appearance.As one of the first pilot projects of Shanghai’s community living circle action plan, Xinhua Road And Sub-district issued a soliciting of proposals for “Xinhua Community 15-minute Community living circle Facilities Update” during the 2021 Shanghai Urban Space Art Season. The renovation and upgrading of xinhua Community sports Center is an important project.Xinhua Community Sports Center is located at No. 79, Anshun Road, Changning District. The current building is a three-story workshop built in the 1960s, which was used as a community sports facility in 2007 after renovation, with a construction area of about 900 square meters.This update intends to transform the original boundary, structure and form of the building, including indoor basketball court, badminton court, table tennis court, combat sports, aerobics, basic physical training, etc.Gengxin actively practices the concept of “People’s city built by the people, people’s city for the people”, accepts people’s opinions extensively, and embodies “democracy in the whole process”.There are two categories of public proposal (CATEGORY A) and professional design proposal (Category B), respectively for all friends who love and care about Xinhua and professional design teams who have A deep understanding of the concept of “People’s city” and “15-minute community life circle”.Age friendly, sharing at different times, sports education and other community functions integration suggestions, community facilities linkage……A total of 40 a-type public proposals were received, and the above 15 types of golden ideas were formed after sorting and summarizing, for the reference of the design team and the operation side.”We hope to sort out the common problems in community sports centers, including the lack of rest space, lighting is not ideal, and cars occupy walking space.””Existing functions of surrounding facilities such as underground parking lots should be considered for sharing.”Li Na proposed three golden ideas from the linkage of community facilities and design guidance suggestions.The company is nearby, Li Na and her colleagues meet to play badminton at the sports center every half month on average, for three to four years now.There is no parking space for cars, and bicycle parking is easy to occupy the sidewalk. After seeing the solicitation for suggestions, she made suggestions based on her own experience, “I hope the suggestions can be considered, and I look forward to the perfect transformation of the sports center.”In addition, regarding the “functional layout optimization”, some residents proposed that “lighting in sports venues should be reasonably designed and necessary protection should be given to lighting facilities”, while others proposed to add elevators and complete barrier-free facilities.In terms of operation, residents also gave their own suggestions, such as providing the function of forming teams or groups, or adopting the mixed management mode of “full-time team + volunteer team”.Also some people play their own creativity, put forward to open up single table tennis table and so on.”I pay the most attention to the table tennis field, you consider this table tennis activity area is not detailed enough.”Residents Chen Weiqing is “table tennis fan”, since moved to 2009, in the center of the community sports to play for over a decade, table tennis, see design scheme 2 “in meeting reception service function at the same time, increasing physical fitness facilities space”, after he stop to look at the drawings, and ask about the design of the table tennis activity area, “I hope you can consider the problem such as lighting, ventilation,The bathroom can be moved.”In the meet-and-greet sessions, this conversation between residents and professional designers plays out in real time.A total of 47 groups of design teams applied for the design proposal of Class B professional. After the pre-qualification process, 5 groups of teams finally entered the design process and formed the scheme.Does the building expand the space?Design proposal 1 proposes that a layer can be dug down and recombed and organized through the sunken courtyard in the front field.A full-height courtyard space is implanted in the middle of the building to form a new gathering place with spatial tension for socializing, resting and staying.”The sunken courtyard, called the ‘garden Living Room’, serves all ages, while the inner atrium is designed as an aggregation garden, and the last place of the building where debris is stored is designed as a secret garden for children to play, serving all ages.”According to the official, by digging down a floor to expand the functional space, the front, middle and rear gardens create an ecological and low-carbon sports center.At the same time, he said, can also connect anshun green space, linkage to create sports parks.Similar to the sunken courtyard, there is design Plan 3.They wanted to remove the entrance portico and install a small square as a transitional space between the building and the city.Set up a roof garden to provide outdoor leisure space.”In the design, hedges were used to replace the old walls to maintain the independence of the sports center and promote low-carbon environmental protection.Considering the whole age friendly, the function configuration realizes the old, middle and young generation sharing, activities and leisure sharing.Adopt intelligent facilities to support sports center operation and maintenance.”During the exhibition, the public will vote online on each project, and the final “transformation” plan of the community sports center will be decided based on the results of the vote and expert opinions.Youth Daily · Youth Shanghai reporter Zhou Shengjie editor: Lu Tianyi

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