Chinese mixed doubles curling player Fan Suyuan Lingzhi interview after the match

Fan Suyuan of China, popular for her warm smiles, broke down in tears in the mixed doubles area as teammate Ling Zhi consoled her with a hand on her shoulder after the final round-robin round of curling at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.”I didn’t expect the result, maybe I just missed the importance of the route because I was so desperate for a good shot,” the 25-year-old said after China’s 8-6 loss to the Czech Republic on Monday.While Fan blamed herself for making so many mistakes that her team didn’t have a chance to take a step forward, Ling was quick to take responsibility, saying, “We are a team, it is normal and we should share it, it’s ok, her mistakes are mine.It was the first time for them to stand on the Olympic field. They had no experience in international competition because of the epidemic.They opened their campaign at the Icecube National Aquatics Center with successive victories over Switzerland and Australia that provided quite a surprise to the crowd.Even though they lost their next seven games in a row, the two continued to compete and improve against world-class rivals.China lost 6-5 to world champions Great Britain, 8-6 to defending champions Canada, and 9-6 to world runner-up and 2018 Pyeongchang bronze medalist Norway were some of the highlights of the games.Lack of experience may have been one of the reasons they lost the promotion, but it was also a good start and learning opportunity for this very promising pair, who showed the world their talent and ability.After their opening win over Swiss duo Martin Rios and Jenny Perret, the pair did not leave the court. Instead, they sat down near the backboard and took out their notebooks to write something down.We are writing down what we know about the track so that we can be better prepared for future races, Ling said.While his efforts are occasionally visible to the media, Ling’s mother knows all the stories behind them.You can’t imagine how hard this kid works. Every time I see him out of breath after sweeping the ice, I can’t even watch the game.””Said the tearful mother.”He was tired and I just wanted him to rest at home.”Ling Zhi is a great ice sweeper and an all-around curler.He does a very good job of throwing and sweeping the ice, and his hitting is very accurate, “Fan su yuan said highly of Ling.”He’s the one who decides our tactics.Ling, in turn, thinks Fansu yuan is a good teammate.”Fansu Won is outgoing, lively and friendly, and her instructions are very clear.We know what we’re going to do on the ice, that’s the similarity, “the 27-year-old said.”They’re a very good opponent, they play very well and they have a lot of potential,” said Norway’s Kristin Skaslin after beating them at iccube.Their outstanding performance has made them popular online, but Ling seems to have no idea.”I didn’t notice it, but I believe it’s all because Chinese people are becoming more and more interested in curling, and I expect more and more people to like and follow the sport.Although the young pair had to end their Olympic campaign on a note of disappointment, they bowed to their fans and home crowd as they did in their first two victories.This experience will inspire us to train even harder in the coming days and I am looking forward to the next Olympics and future world competitions, Ling said with confidence.Winter Olympics special area of Xinhuanet International station with pictures of the world hulian album

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