Manufacturing field “omnipotence king” Lenovo released a new generation of 4U IPC-830

Recently, Lenovo released a new generation of 4U standard mounting IPC-830, the product can meet the super expansion, safe and reliable, efficient heat dissipation and other requirements, can be described as the industrial control field “all-hands”.Based on the accumulated technical experience of Lenovo in the field of hardware design and manufacturing, the IPC-830 has been greatly improved in the aspects of board expansion, heat dissipation efficiency and convenient operation and maintenance, which can be widely used in various scenarios such as electronic non-standard automation equipment and machine vision.5G+ Industrial Internet of Things is bringing a lot of scene innovation, mass device access makes the demand for edge computing grow rapidly.Based on its accumulated experience in the manufacturing industry and years of innovative understanding in the hardware field, Lenovo hopes to lead innovation with intelligence, become a new IT partner of customers, and create smarter, more open and customizable intelligent edge computing products.Lenovo also applies the product experience and technical optimization in the server and PC fields to the design of industrial computer products. Based on lenovo’s existing industrial computer, it has made a substantial upgrade, giving the industrial computer IPC-830 stronger stability and expansibility to meet more industrial scenarios.Lenovo applied the redundant power design in the traditional server field to the IPC-830, and raised the power of the whole machine to a maximum of 1000W, which ensured the high availability and anti-interference of the system while ensuring the performance of the industrial computer.High power fuselage often means high power consumption and high heat, the cooling design of the chassis determines the service life, stability and environmental temperature adaptability of the internal components of the industrial computer.Based on its deep experience in the PC industry, Lenovo has applied an efficient cooling design to the IPC-830 fuselage. The honeycomb air intake hole in the case can increase the effective air intake area by 60%, reduce the high load operating temperature, and improve the working environment to a maximum temperature of 45℃.At the same time, Lenovo will be variable speed fan applied to the industrial computer, according to the power consumption and temperature automatically adjust the heat dissipation efficiency, has the advantages of longer life of structural parts, higher heat dissipation energy efficiency, less noise.With its superior power stability design and heat dissipation system, the IPC-830 delivers industry-leading scalability and computing performance.In terms of storage, the IPC-830 can accommodate up to four external driver slots and is equipped with shock and vibration resistant designs for each slot;In terms of application expansion, the motherboard is fully equipped to meet the requirements of multi-insert cards including I/O cards, motion control cards/machine vision cards, graphics processors or acceleration cards, and adapt to the innovation needs of digital scenes in various industries.At present, Lenovo industrial computer has been widely used in various industries.In the field of transportation, lenovo industrial computer application helps Hefei rail transit to achieve 7*24 hours non-stop operation of fire monitoring system;In the manufacturing field, Lenovo and TPV technology made use of lenovo industrial computer’s high computing power and self-developed algorithm model to achieve intelligent upgrade of screen quality inspection;After using Lenovo industrial computer to upgrade the production line, Simton significantly reduced the failure rate of 1000 units of the production line by 10 percentage points, significantly reduced the operation and maintenance cost and improved production efficiency.Lenovo has accumulated a large amount of industry experience and technical reserves in the field of intelligent iot by virtue of its experience in intelligent transformation and in-depth insight into industry services.Today, Lenovo has a complete product sequence in the field of intelligent Iot, including industrial computer, edge computing gateway and cloud terminal.To support the access of these devices, Lenovo has also built LeapIoT, a professional iot management platform for the industrial field, which provides end-to-end solutions from industrial equipment and sensor access to industrial application services, enabling intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises.In the future, lenovo will continue with its industry experience and resources accumulation, combined with lenovo’s small quick spirit fast delivery, the wisdom of the nationwide service ability and strong ability of supply chain management to comprehensive intelligent edge to become trusted partners, new IT help enterprise digital transformation, fu can intelligent transformation and upgrading of industries.

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