Spring Festival walk | escort on the “network” of Spring Festival travel

Editor’s note: Another Chinese New Year is here.People look forward to the renewal of vientiane and work hard in the new journey.The footsteps of the dreamers never stop, from the city to the countryside, from the coast to the frontier, thousands of people sweat on the earth.They have witnessed the development of The Times, enjoyed China’s opportunities, and promoted China’s development.The real life is at the grassroots level.Adhering to the principle of “three approaches” and practicing “change”, dazhong organizes editors and reporters to go deep into different parts of the country, enter the “battlefield” of different industries and the life of different families, listen attentively, record with pen, and tell Chinese stories in the new era with emotion.At 3 o ‘clock in the afternoon of January 19, Li Jian, who had been busy for most of the day, was able to sit down and have a rest.Plate inch, swarthy skin, resolute eyes, with a “technical man” unique convincing practical strength, this is the reporter’s first impression of Li Jian.Li Jian is the monitor of the test team of network Optimization Center of Jinan Mobile Network Department, responsible for user complaints and road network perception in Jinan city.As the Spring Festival travel rush begins, Li Jian also joins the army of “busy year”. This year is the 11th Spring Festival after he worked. “In previous years, I have to be on duty during the Spring Festival, and this year is no exception.”Li Jian said to reporters.The 365 days of uninterrupted duty of “Jinan Mobile people”, in their own way to celebrate the Spring Festival for the public escort.The team led by Li Jian won the honor of full display window can receive more than 200 phone calls a day, he is on the list of “chatterbox” in the unit on January 19, the reporter saw Li Jian in a video conference in the business office of Jinan Mobile Jingsan Road.Before this, Li Jian just finished network security work from jinan Yellow River Phoenix bridge opening site.”For big events like this, government meetings, we have to check the network environment in advance.”Li Jian told reporters that yesterday he was busy at the traffic scene to more than 9 o ‘clock home, today is early in the morning to the scene to maintain the line network, for fear of network instability.As the opening ceremony ended, Li Jian a tight heart finally put back to the stomach.Li Jian led the team to win honors filled the window Li Jian’s day is arranged by the minute.At 8 o ‘clock in the morning, Li Jian, who arrived at the company half an hour ahead of schedule, began to organize his colleagues in class to have a morning meeting. After arranging the work order, Li Jian and a dozen of his colleagues scattered to the home of the users who needed to visit, and began a busy day’s work.”Due to the promotion of THE 5G network, most of the work that we are dealing with these days is for the elderly who cannot adjust their mobile phone signals.”‘What makes me laugh and cry most are the young users who fail to play mobile games,’ said Mr. Li. ‘We often have to go to university campuses to adjust the parameters of mobile phones and base stations on the spot.’But no matter how difficult the content of the work order is, on the single return rate of 24 hourly workers, Li Jian led the network optimization class data are far ahead.Excellent performance is inseparable from hard work. “I can handle 6 to 8 return visits a day, and sometimes I go out for two or three days.”Keyboard said.In addition to dealing with user return visits and large-scale activities of network stability, As the monitor of li Jian also as a good technical department and front desk customer service between the “heart bridge”.Some work order optimization class colleagues can not adjust, but also contact technical operation.During an hour in his office, Mr. Li received five or six phone calls. “Today I get fewer, sometimes more than 200 a day,” he said.Li Jian said with a smile, before the unit colleagues made a joke “chatterbox” competition, Li Jian is also on the list of players.The 2022 Spring Festival Travel rush starts on Jan 17 and ends on Feb 25.Li Jian has already entered the state of “preparation”, struggling in the road network line, and strive to create “extreme” user experience under the “extreme speed” environment.At the beginning of the Spring Festival travel rush, Li Jian led his team to focus on monitoring the construction, coverage and optimization of road network base stations in the city.Jinan West Railway Station and Jinan Railway Station have large passenger flow and high business demand. In order to further build high-quality 5G coverage, Li Jian worked with other departments to finalize a plan to meet the network coverage demand under the condition of high speed railway operation peak with multi-point and multi-dimensional aspects.During the Spring Festival, the task is heavy and the time is tight. In addition to normal situations during the Spring Festival travel rush, Li Jian is also on the front line to deal with emergencies.When the epidemic broke out during the Spring Festival in 2020, in order to ensure the smooth network, Li Jian joined the Jinan mobile Network support emergency team and rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the urgent business demand of remote consultation in Jinan Infectious Disease Hospital.Faced with the potential risk of virus transmission, the wireless environment required by the “5G+ remote diagnosis and treatment” system was completed in just two hours, realizing seamless connection between the expert team in the office building of the Infectious Disease Hospital, the intensive isolation area and the Jinan People’s Hospital, and improving the remote consultation system for COVID-19 prevention and control in Jinan.Li Jian said that during the 11 years he worked at Jinan Mobile, he had to be on duty during almost all holidays, including Spring Festival, New Year’s Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.”Especially for Chinese New Year, it is normal and necessary to be on duty on New Year’s Eve.”Because the industry is special, the more to the New Year, the more people with the network.Snatching red envelopes during the popular Spring Festival Gala in recent years has also posed a challenge to Internet transmission capabilities.Machine room maintenance New Year still stick to the line of mobile people, not only Li Jian.Every Spring Festival, these “Lijian men” are still busy on their posts as usual, even more nervous than usual.”I won’t be with my family again this New Year’s Eve.”Mention family, Li Jian’s face flashes a trace of guilty feeling.

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