A real man would choose this 2650mm wheelbase compact

Real men choose this 2650mm wheelbase compact car Geely fourth generation Emgrand, really 0 down payment!Upward red envelope gift: RMB 1000 deposit to RMB 3000 / Upward maintenance gift: 6 free basic maintenance in 3 years/Upward financial gift: 36 periods 0 interest/true 0 down payment (excluding car tax insurance)/Upward renewal gift: Additional purchase to the highest level can enjoy RMB 5000 subsidy/upward flow gift:The first owner lifetime free car network flow/Star Times Xiaolan Geely 4S shop, Geely all series of vehicles free upgrade N95 level safety purification cockpit system, safe travel, Geely accompanied.Some models enjoy 20% down payment for 5 years 0 interest (cash discount, financial program 2 choose 1),0 interest rate financial program to help you 0 pressure to buy a car!To the shop to see the car can enjoy door-to-door shuttle service, the whole car without worry.The shop has its own service site, the time to pick up the car is greatly shortened, eliminating the tedious business such as queuing at the DMV, saving your precious time, one-stop landing in the shop, special service selection number, save worry and effort.Test drive is fully equipped, personally deep experience, welcome your arrival!For more information, please call our 400 hotline. If you make an appointment in advance, you can enjoy travel fuel subsidy and door-to-door pick-up.Buy Geely to star times Xiaolan 4S shop, choose us, choose quality!From the car selection to the road, our service all the way, Geely prospective owners hurry to act!We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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