China Mobile weekly market details: Gigabit networking promotion, Winter Olympics support, epidemic prevention, etc

Recently, operator reported the details of China mobile market, mainly involving the promotion of gigabit network, smooth network during the Winter Olympics and help epidemic prevention work.Attached main article: Shanghai mobile all-optical WiFi (FTTR) four advantages open the whole house to enjoy the true gigabit new era!Abstract: Recently, modo communication market set off a boom in all-optical WiFi (FTTR) business management, more and more Shanghai large families competing to upgrade Shanghai mobile all-optical WiFi (FTTR) gigabit network, actively embrace the whole house true gigabit speed Internet experience.”Friends” launched in Shanghai mobile magic 100 and big screen free to watch the entire 10 seasons!Abstract: Recently, Shanghai mobile users found that the first season of “Friends” has been launched on Mobaihe online, attracting many fans to cheer “festival”.Users can log in to and the big screen for 7.9 yuan to watch all 10 seasons and enjoy the blu-ray hd restored Version of Friends.Abstract: After the Spring Festival, hubei province “spring breeze action” in full swing.The jobs offered by the job fair attracted many workers to look for jobs.China Mobile Hubei has helped the province’s economic and social development “get off to a good start” by providing on-site information services for the job fair and actively carrying out measures such as “live broadcasting with posts”.Abstract: The Winter Olympics has brought fire to snow and ice tourism in south China. Snow and ice tourism has become a new growth point of holiday tourism market in Hubei Province.In order to help improve the consumption chain of snow and ice sports and tourism in Hubei province, China Mobile Hubei Company has carried out signal commissioning in major ski resorts and snow and ice parks in the province for many times, and carried out special investigation and rectification of hidden dangers in nearby machine rooms and optical cable poles, so as to provide high-quality communication services for tourists.Practice of beginner’s mind mission Show loyalty impression — mobile comprehensive power epidemic prevention and control of guangxi war annihilation article abstract: baise, after the outbreak, China mobile guangxi party committee attaches great importance to the company, the first emergency epidemic prevention and control work conference, strictly implement the party and the State Council decision deployment and autonomous region party committee, government work requirements, quickly launched the emergency plan.

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