Hearthstone has released a new series of clues, and Blizzard is back in the toothpaste business

Hearthstone officials tweeted an image early this morning and hinted that there would be more content to come tomorrow.Related tweet: Blizzard didn’t say exactly what the update would be, but based on previous year’s timeline and rumors, it’s likely to be a mini-pack update this year.It was previously rumored that this year’s mini pack would be themed around the cave of Onyxia, and a screenshot from the trailer revealed that the wand was similar to the one used by Lady Prestow.Hearthstone designer CORA retweeted the tweet with a dragon emoji.Of course, the above are some speculations about what kind of toothpaste Blizzard will squeeze out of the tweet, and whether there will be an update to the mini pack or some big news in the future, so let’s see

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