Of the 15 cooperation documents and 1 joint statement between China and Russia, 7 pieces of information are worth paying attention to?

The day of the beginning of spring, indeed spring is in the air, in the smoke of the war in the United States desperately exaggerate, the leaders of China and Russia “winter Olympics appointment” into the “spring meeting.”Putin signed 15 cooperation documents and a joint statement as a model for international relations in the new era and a guideline for global sustainable development while hosting China at the Beijing Winter Olympics.From qinan personal point of view, the law of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian federation on the sustainable development of the new era of international relations and global joint statement and 15 working file, the following seven information is particularly important, indicates the relationship between China and Russia are from extensive consultation to joint action, and the hegemony of the world will enter a brand-new stage.First, the joint statement of power politics, which was aimed directly at the United States, was very sharp from the very beginning. Although it did not name the United States directly, its goal was very clear. It broke down the Actions of the United States into six “strokes” :First, it pursues unilateralism; second, it resorts to power politics; third, it interferes in the internal affairs of other countries; fourth, it undermines the legitimate rights and interests of other countries; fifth, it creates contradictions, differences and confrontation; and sixth, it hinders the development and progress of human society.Second, the interpretation of the true meaning of democracy, respect the UN charter and the universal declaration of human rights that China and Russia in the United States Joe biden when make the so-called “democratic summit” last year, has already made a counter, especially in China through the white paper on “Chinese democracy”, for democracy has the clear expression, breaking the monopoly of the definition of beauty of western democracy.This time, China and Russia expanded to the level of a joint statement, stressing that democracy is a common value of all mankind, not the patent of a few countries.In particular, focusing on the people’s nature, China and Russia gave an accurate definition of democracy: democracy is a way for citizens to participate in the management of their own affairs, and it aims to improve people’s well-being and realize that the people are the masters of their own affairs.Democracy should cover the whole process and be open to all the people. It should reflect the interests and will of all the people, protect their rights, meet their needs and safeguard their interests.This is a great irony for the US, where the death toll from COVID-19 has exceeded 900,000.Third, unequivocally oppose “Taiwan independence”, “color revolution”, “terrorism” and “double standards”. It can be said that “separatism”, “color revolution”, “terrorism” and “double standards” of counter-terrorism have become the “four root causes” of world instability.In particular, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and the world’s second largest economy, China’s incomplete reunification is a major issue. Russia reiterated its adherence to the One-China principle, recognized Taiwan as an inalienable part of China’s territory, opposed any form of “Taiwan independence” and gave Clear support to China.China and Russia oppose sabotage by external forces, “color revolution”, terrorism and “double standards”. In fact, this reveals an objective fact: The United States, along with terrorism, separatist forces and street violence, has become an important source of threats to world peace and development.Fourthly, clear out of deployed nuclear weapons abroad the five nuclear-weapon states leaders about preventing a nuclear war and avoid an arms race in a joint statement published, is a big thing in 2022, but did not think of, just after the signing, super nuclear submarines to the United States can carry more than hundred bomb high-profile appearance Guam, implementation of rare nuclear deterrent,It’s the opposite of that, and it’s very bad.This time, China and Russia clearly proposed that “withdrawal of nuclear weapons deployed abroad” is a hard-core requirement, and the DPRK, as an interested party, can actively cooperate and strictly prohibit the NUCLEAR-related activities of the US on the Korean Peninsula and even Japan, which is of positive significance to counter the US hegemony, or at least to remove the DISGUISE of the US!Fifth, firmly oppose the biological militarization activities carried out by the United States and its Allies at home and abroad. This is a big issue, especially in Russia’s periphery, including Kazakhstan, which was in turmoil at the beginning of the year. The United States has deployed a large number of biochemical laboratories, almost encircled Russia, which is very dangerous.Therefore, China and Russia clearly stressed that the biological militarization activities carried out by the US and its Allies both at home and abroad have raised serious concerns and doubts about compliance by the international community.Relevant activities pose a serious threat to the national security of China and Russia and harm the security of relevant regions.This is a concerted response to the relevant ACTIONS of the US.China and Russia should put their destructive biological and chemical weapons in the same class as nuclear weapons and apply full coverage of their nuclear deterrence. This would be effective and force the US to restart negotiations on a legally binding verification protocol to the BIOLOGICAL Weapons Convention (BWC).Sixth, reaffirming the key role of the United Nations in dealing with international information security in terms of deepening cooperation in the field of international information security, the two sides proposed three key principles in response to the actions of the United States: First, respect the principles of the UN Charter.The joint statement reaffirmed the critical role of the United Nations in addressing international information security threats and supported the development of a new UN code of conduct in this field.Second, uphold the principles of sovereignty and human rights without resorting to force.The joint statement makes it clear that the principles of non-use of force, respect for state sovereignty and fundamental human rights and freedoms and non-interference in internal affairs enshrined in the CHARTER of the United Nations apply to the information space;Third, the principles of internationalizing the Internet governance system.This is aimed at the us monopolizing the Internet’s “root server” resources and management rights. It makes it clear that any attempt to restrict national cyber sovereignty is unacceptable and calls for the INTERNATIONAL Telecommunication Union to play a more active role in solving relevant issues.Seventh, strengthen cooperation in the field of oil and gas to counter the HEGEMonic behavior of the United States in Russia’s gas transportation to Europe in the 15 cooperation agreements signed by China and Russia, three of which belong to the field of oil and gas cooperation.Moreover, according to a statement released on February 4, Gazprom signed a new long-term gas supply agreement with China National Petroleum Corporation to increase natural gas exports to China by 10 billion cubic meters to 48 billion cubic meters per year, which will be transported through the Far East Gas pipeline.This move can be described as win-win cooperation, especially for Russia. It effectively countered the US action of blocking the “last kilometer” of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline project between Russia and Germany, which helped put pressure on Europe and made Russia take the initiative.Note: The author of this article is Qin ‘an, the founder of “Qin ‘an Strategic Think Tank”, and the original work of this platform. In the New Year, I wish you all victory over the epidemic, containment of hegemony, and a better future together.

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