Politics over profession: Taiwan’s so-called “happiness vaccine”

In response to the omicron virus, many parts of the world are in the process of initiating a third dose of vaccine.In many countries, the decision to administer the third dose of vaccine is led by a health authority that respects science, and then formulates the third dose in accordance with the health of the population.In Taiwan, the head of the CDC is a dark-green politician known for his loyalty to the policies of the Tsai administration.When the vaccine is scarce, a second dose must be administered three to six months apart;Imported vaccines are also deliberately excluded from “mainland production”;Instead of buying enough vaccine in advance, the authorities have to rely on private charities to go to BNT headquarters to buy millions of doses;After the import, it became a great achievement of the Chae administration.Now the quantity of imports is sufficient, but due to the variety and uneven number of brands, the absurd decision that “mix” is more effective than “single pure agent” has been developed to satisfy the demands of public opinion;He even took the opportunity to promote his own high-end vaccine that no one wants as his preferred blend.If someone dies as a result of a mix-up, how will the responsibility be determined?Which production company will be responsible for compensation?Or all public reparations?This is the saddest part of Taiwan: politics always prevails over professionalism, speculative mentality always prevails over moral conscience.This can be seen in the haphazard vaccination policy.(This article was written by Luo Shanji, a Taiwanese journalist, for Taiwan’s China Times.)

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