Galaxy Kirin high availability cluster software V10 makes critical services more secure and comprehensive for users

It is reported that the “Galaxy Kirin HIGH availability cluster software V10” upgrade version has been released, the new version of the software in the installation and configuration, activation mode, interface management and resource management of these aspects added many features, but also improved and upgraded, in the enrichment of ecological construction at the same time, strong to ensure the continuous stability of users’ business.Galaxy Kirin HIGH availability cluster software (V10) is an intelligent high availability product that can guarantee business continuity for users, provide a high availability environment for continuous data protection and timely disaster recovery, and ensure the reliability of users’ business systems, data, and applications.To solve the problem of software and hardware of cause business interruption or man-made causes of single point of failure, cluster software can use a graphical interface management, cluster more signings standby mode, the low resource usage, the second level switch, monitoring alarm features, such as the single point system or cluster mission-critical applications and data on the stability and reliability of the security, high availability of business system, protection function.The updated version, in the installation and configuration of more intelligent, humanized, to achieve intelligent installation, automatic comparison account and other functions, for users to bring great convenience.On the cluster management interface, it continuously creates friendly, intuitive and easy to operate features. It adds node management, supports adding nodes, deleting nodes and editing heartbeat configuration.Added script generator functionality;Added a page for setting resource rules to add, delete, and edit resource rules.Added alarm configuration to send test mail.In addition, bundle resources are supported and resource scripts are optimized to support quorum devices and prevent brain breakage.In addition to technical innovation, Kylin software also attaches great importance to product ecological construction.Galaxy Kylin HIGH availability cluster software V10 is built and developed based on Galaxy Kylin advanced server operating system, sharing resources and technology with the entire product line of Kylin software, with wide compatibility.Currently, the new version supports the latest version of the Galaxy Kirin operating system and CentOS and other mainstream operating systems.Support feiteng, Kunpeng, Longson, Shenwei, Zhaocin, Haiguang and other independent CPU and X86 platform;Support kingcang, Dameng, NTU Gm, Avatar, Star Rega and other databases;Support zhongchuang Application, Kingdee, Huayu and other middleware;Support most server manufacturers in other countries and China’s Huawei, Huasan, Dawn, Inspur, Lenovo, Great Wall, Founder, etc.For a long time, Galaxy Kylin high availability cluster software V10 has won the trust of users with reliable function, simple to use, stable operation, timely response and other product features. It is widely used in government, finance, electricity, medical, transportation, manufacturing and other industries, providing industry users with efficient, minimal and reliable services.For example, the human resources and Social Security office of a certain autonomous region has realized the stable operation of services and applications based on galaxy Kirin HIGH availability cluster software V10.Human resources and social security bureau as a shoulder department of public administration, will be a lot of talent data warehousing archive, to ensure a stable operation and data security services become a top priority, in response to the needs of the business, an autonomous region people club hall need to construction of independent innovation, and put forward the high availability to improve the business system, compatibility and safety requirements.In view of the user requirements, kirin software product team on the server the galaxy kylin V10 senior server operating system software and galaxy kirin high availability cluster V10, for users to make the double machine hot standby scheme to ensure business high available, namely a server as the primary server, the other servers as a standby server, if the primary server goes down,The standby server takes over and becomes the new primary server.At the same time, users can still have the same server IP address, NFS, data, and database services.In this project, kylin software product team assisted users to achieve uninterrupted system service, complete system failover within controllable time, provide good compatibility of software and hardware platforms, and ensure the stable operation of database services and applications, which was recognized by users.In the future, Kylin software will continue to innovate, optimize and upgrade galaxy Kylin high availability cluster software products, optimize user experience, and more secure and comprehensive maintenance of user 7×24 hour critical business application support platform.

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