The public security Brigade of Tongwei County public Security Bureau organized the police to carry out security inspection in the hotel entertainment places under the jurisdiction

In order to fully carry out COVID-19 prevention and control work, the Public Security Brigade of Tongwei County Public Security Bureau organized the police to carry out epidemic prevention and control, safety inspection and other work in hotels and KTV entertainment venues under its jurisdiction in accordance with the spirit of the superior documents and the requirements of the county bureau.Inspection, police review the real-name registration of the hotel, the epidemic prevention and control, monitoring and control system, fire fighting facilities and security system to carry out the random spot check, check some of the passengers check-in room information, resolutely put an end to more than one certificate, reception minor in occupancy, falsely use another id, not stipulated in the “five must” check-in, etc.The safety responsibility system of the entertainment place is implemented in place, the safety inspection and inspection record is perfect, the safety exit and evacuation channel is kept unblocked, the fire extinguishing equipment is equipped and intact and effective, and so on.Check whether there are illegal and criminal activities such as “pornography, gambling and drugs” in hotels and entertainment venues, and ask the person in charge of the venues to regulate legal operation and resolutely curb the occurrence of illegal and criminal activities in the venues.During the period, the police carried out publicity and education on the prevention and control of the epidemic to the persons in charge and employees of the relevant venues, requiring high attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and implementing measures such as temperature measurement, checking “health code” and “travel code”, regular disinfection, wearing masks, and avoiding gatherings.

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