Tiger power full open!On the first day of the New Year, Luohu District trumpeted 11 projects to overcome difficulties

On February 7, 2022, the first day of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, luohu District held a meeting of officials to tackle difficulties in 2022, which deployed the task of tackling difficulties in Luohu District.Liu Sheng, secretary of Luohu District Party Committee, Fandfan, deputy secretary of Luohu District Party Committee and head of The district, Zhou Yichuan, director of the Standing Committee of the District People’s Congress, Liu Guangmin, chairman of the District CPPCC, and other district leaders attended the meeting.Huang Shengwen, deputy secretary of the District Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, presided over the meeting.Liu Sheng and Vanderfan presented flags to the 11 leading units on the spot.At the beginning of the New Year, Luohu embodies the pioneer spirit and struggle culture in all fields and the whole process of work, and strives to build “Bay Area hub, Vientiane Luohu” with high quality with the attitude of catching up and running, striving to build a pioneer urban area of socialist modernization and sustainable development.The firepower is fully open, to promote 11 critical actions reported by all units, combined with the second plenary session report of the eighth Session of the District Committee, the special session of the district, the latest deployment of the District Committee and the district government and the construction mechanism of “one main district, two districts and three zones” and other latest document meeting spirit, Luohu District formed the “luohu District in 2022 Critical Task Division of Responsibility table”.At the meeting, Zuo Jinping, member of the Standing Committee of Luohu District Committee and Deputy Director of the District Government, made deployment on the task of tackling difficulties in Luohu District in 2022.Luohu district 2022 (including 11 big difficult task crucial action: one, the social management system and management modernization crucial act two, “20 + 8” industrial clusters shaping crucial action three, four crucial action, shennan major transport project construction headquarters economy the main five crucial action, SunGang – qingshui river corridor construction the sub-centres development crucial action of six, deep portCoast economic belt luohu area in construction of crucial action seven, international consumer center construction works eight, the big construction works at wutong central zone action nine, the upgrading of industry leading service engines ten space extend to mention quality, increase efficiency crucial action 11, education field project construction to overcome every crucial action contains a number of specific tasks, led by total area leadership headed,The overall leading unit shall assume the overall responsibility, and each responsible unit shall take its own responsibilities according to the specific task.The 11 key actions cover urban governance, industrial development platform construction, people’s livelihood services and other fields. The meeting emphasized that these are the foundation projects for Luohu to shine with new vitality and keep coming up with new achievements.The 11 key actions focus on grassroots governance, demand services and industrial development, investment mechanism and other aspects, which are of great significance to consolidating the foundation of governance and cultivating development momentum, which is also an important starting point for Luohu to open up the grand development attitude and form the agglomeration effect.These are confidence projects that drive good expectations.The changes of the major platforms, key areas and key projects of the whole district show the new actions, new atmosphere and new potential of Luohu, guide the society to form a good expectation for the future development of Luohu, and boost the radiation power and attraction of the central city.These are popular projects to enhance the happiness and sense of security of the people.Only when urban areas are well developed can we have the foundation and confidence to work for the people’s livelihood.The 11 key actions not only enhance the overall value of the city, but also expand the space for long-term development, and will be compiled into the happiness increment of the masses.The meeting pointed out that the responsible units to deepen the understanding of the responsibility to pay close attention to the implementation, strengthen supervision, assessment and overcoming difficulties of the overall leading unit to take the lead responsibility, urge the responsible units in accordance with the specific task and time requirements inverted progress, within a week to prepare the unit’s “construction drawing” and “schedule”.Major heads of responsible units should take the lead in making arrangements for implementation, coordinating key links, supervising implementation, establishing a system of “one task, one form” and “one weekly meeting” to promote implementation from a high position.For work tasks involving multiple departments, the general lead unit will be responsible for overall planning and comprehensive coordination;The co-organizer shall obey the command, cooperate closely and feedback the work progress in time.The general leading unit shall request the leaders of the general leading area to hear the progress once a month and timely solve the problems existing in the progress.At the same time, overcoming difficult tasks will be included in the annual key supervision, and the completion of tasks of all units will be directly included in the annual supervision and performance appraisal.Style of cadres hard hard hard measures to complete the overcome difficult YingRenWu ▼ conference site lead vocal, van der numerous for overcome the difficult tasks in 2022 11 crucial action always led units flag oath led publicity on-site dongmen street as the luohu district overcome the difficult task of key battleground, one of the main land, the main force that is the east gate pedestrian street upgraded,It is also the promoter of urban renewal in hubei area as a whole.Lu Yi, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Dongmen Sub-district, said that Dongmen Sub-district will build a collaborative promotion mechanism for the upgrading and renovation of Dongmen Pedestrian Street and a regular joint meeting mechanism for the Lake-Bay-Coordinated area to strengthen goal-oriented, problem-oriented and quality-oriented, focusing on the improvement of team construction, task progress, cultural services and environmental quality.We will accomplish this year’s difficult tasks with “hard cadres”, “hard work style” and “hard measures”.Zhou Xiaojian, director of The Development and Reform Bureau of Luohu District, said that the “three tasks” would be accomplished through the “three tasks” — solid work, self-pressure and brave tackling;Dedicated to work, highlight the key good attack;Efficient dry, change the style of work and dare to attack.He introduced that the District Development and Reform Bureau will focus on the Shenzhen-Hong Kong port economic belt luohu pilot zone, strengthen the system layout and achieve breakthroughs in major landmark projects;Focusing on dayang Wutong Area, break the development bottleneck with key node projects;Focusing on major transportation project construction, “20+8” industrial cluster shaping, Sungang-Qingshuihe key area development, education project construction, a number of high-quality foundation and long-term benefits projects.”As the general leader of the special class of ‘Industry leading, Service Upgrading’, we will lead the establishment of the linkage of the district’s large investment mechanism, accelerate the implementation of a number of major projects such as the investment conference, the annual cumulative increase in business revenue of more than 25 billion yuan, the realization of annual tax increase of more than 2 billion yuan;At the same time, I took the lead in establishing a coordinated service mechanism for the whole district, comprehensively upgrading the enterprise service system, realizing the accurate service push rate, the satisfaction rate of key enterprises reaching more than 95%, and the enterprise problem solving response rate reaching 100%.”Luohu district enterprise service center director Chen Xiaojun said.The development and construction of key areas is not only a tough battle, but also a protracted battle. “This year, our area will complete the land transfer of 200,000 square meters of industrial projects;We will begin reconstruction of 172,000 square meters of rundown buildings.Facilitate the relocation of Hong Kong supply warehouses;The construction and upgrading of seven roads and the restoration of river channels will be promoted.”Big wutong emerging industrial belt (bamboo shoots – East Xiao area) sub headquarters Wei Jie said.Establish the governor is one system improve the fault tolerance error correction mechanism ▼ last year, luohu district eighth party congress has been clear about the construction of high quality “bay hub, vientiane lo wu”, strive to create a pioneer city of sustainable development of the socialist modernization goal, proposed the “industry leading, upgrade service”, improve the traffic, communication, consumer three hub function,We will promote the development of one major region, two regions, and three belts.Liu Sheng said: “at present, the key is to implement a series of key tasks, major projects, especially the selected 11 tasks are the key to implement the overall deployment of the eighth district Party Congress, we must be determined, muster up energy, concentrate on overcoming them.”Liu Sheng deeply analyzed the necessity and importance of “starting at the beginning · overcoming difficulties” from three dimensions and eight aspects.He stressed that party members and cadres in the district should fully understand the situation and actively respond to challenges, fully mobilize the spirit of “starting at the beginning is to start, starting is to sprint”, clarify working ideas, focus on methods and methods, and tackle all tasks to overcome difficulties in a solid manner, strengthen responsibility, and pay close attention to the implementation of the work.1. In terms of party construction leading, we should improve the mechanism of leading major projects in Party construction, put the Party flag in the front line, highlight the role of party members in the front line, instill the party’s organizational force into the whole process of overcoming difficulties, and vigorously promote the Pioneering spirit and struggle culture of Luohu in overcoming difficulties.2, in adhere to the bottom line thinking to establish a sense of risk prevention, to overcome the difficulties in the work of risks and hidden dangers, the focus of contradiction, do know, prevention first, pressure the implementation of the main responsibility of production safety, strengthen the dynamic supervision of production safety.3, in strengthening the use of results to make full use of the “governor to know people, order things distinguish material” work system, in the frontline discovery, training, exercise cadres, adhere to the “assessment of real achievements, real achievements on heroes”, really let “bear hardships are popular, outstanding people first, promising people have”.We need to improve mechanisms for tolerating and correcting mistakes, create a “white list” for reform and development, and a “safe zone” for innovation and exploration, so as to foster an environment in which those who take on the responsibilities take on their responsibilities and support those who do their jobs.It is necessary to publicize the good experience, good practices and outstanding figures and advanced deeds emerging in the task of tackling difficulties, so as to drive the whole region to form a good atmosphere of undertaking work and tackling difficulties.Start is to start, start is the sprint New Year, Luohu Rivet foot tiger strength to sprint the momentum of the blow to overcome the difficulties of the bugle set sail toward the dream of spring!To meet the 20th victory of the Party with high-quality achievements information source: Shenzhen Special Zone newspaper Xu Shundian, part of the photo source shenzhen News Network Li Hui, cover photo Wu Bin overall integration: the new era of Xinluohu, if reproduced, please note the above content

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