Fuel efficient and durable, lead you to analyze the cost of a Ford Flix car

As a compact sedan, Ford Flythe has won the favor of many consumers with its excellent appearance and configuration in the current competitive automobile market.At present, there are a total of 4 configuration guide prices for sale: 908-116,800 yuan. The whole series is equipped with 1.5L three-cylinder engine. How much is the annual vehicle cost calculated for this period?Take the 2021 1.5L automatic diamond edition guide price 103,800 yuan, for example.Insurance cost ford Frith 2021 1.5L automatic diamond edition guide price 103,800 yuan: in the 4S shop to pay insurance, compulsory insurance + vehicle and boat tax, a total of 1370 yuan, and commercial insurance third-party liability insurance 10 million + vehicle damage insurance, the discount is about 2300 yuan, the first premium is 3670 yuan.(Due to different insurance policies in different regions, the final local quotation shall be subject to the fuel cost.) All models of Ford Fuhres are equipped with a 1.5-L three-cylinder engine, which can output the maximum horsepower of 112Ps and the maximum torque of 152N·m. Matching with a 6-gear automatic transmission, the comprehensive fuel consumption of NEDC is 5.7L/100km.At present, the latest oil price in Tianjin is 8.73/ liter. According to the calculation of driving 10,000 kilometers a year, a total of 700L fuel is consumed, and the annual fuel cost is about 6,111 yuan.Maintenance Costs Ford Forx will give you a free basic maintenance (oil, oil filter element and hourly charge) for the first warranty period of 5000km or 3 months. Later, according to 10000km or 12 months, the total cost of 15000km small maintenance including oil (206 YUAN), oil filter element (72 yuan) and hourly charge (168 yuan) will be 446 yuan.In addition to basic maintenance, air filter element (85 yuan), air conditioner filter element (116 yuan), spark plug (174 yuan), brake oil (77 yuan) cost 1312 yuan in total.The total cost of replacing gearbox oil (408 YUAN), air conditioning filter element (116 yuan) and basic maintenance for 65000km is 1,917 yuan. The total cost of maintenance for 60,000km is 5,353 yuan. The average annual maintenance cost is about 892 yuan based on the calculation of 10,000 km per year.(Maintenance items and quotation are for reference only, the specific price is subject to the local 4S shop) Summary: According to the above data calculation, the annual car cost is 10673 yuan in total, and the average monthly car cost is about 889 yuan. Overall, the car cost is very affordable, and the monthly cost pressure is not big.

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