The Changan CS55 PLUS is equipped with L2 level autopilot assistance system.

The large area of the car is covered with soft plastic lining and brushed material, and the seats are matched with Nappa textured leather and small decorative pieces, making the whole interior look very classy.The whole system uses a 7 inch LCD instrument, the display effect and function information is relatively rich.In terms of internal configuration, Changan CS55 PLUS adopts a circular cockpit design, equipped with a three-spoke flat-bottom multi-functional steering wheel and a large central control screen to enhance the overall sense of science and technology.In addition, Changan CS55 PLUS also has a leading level of intelligent driving safety configuration and user-friendly intimate design.However, these configurations are not used in daily driving, only in driving can play a role, such as sudden emergency, or emergency, can timely stop.The new car is also equipped with L2 autonomous driving assistance system.On city roads, the Changan CS55 PLUS performs satisfactorily, and the power response fast 6 gear automatic transmission also performs smoothly, and the upshift is very positive.It is understood that Changan CS55 PLUS is equipped with a mature and reliable 1.5T engine and adopts the third generation aicin 6AT, which is technologically leading. By optimizing torque loss, multi-gear and increasing speed ratio width, changan CS55 PLUS achieves a transfer efficiency of up to 95%.The engine has a maximum power of 115 kW and a maximum torque of 225 N · m.During driving, the changan CS55 PLUS shifts smoothly and can sense the driver’s intention during driving. When you need power, it will quickly shift into the appropriate gear.In addition, this gearbox also performs well in shift smoothness, and there will be no obvious sense of frustration.The driveline is expected to match the aixin 6 block hand automatic transmission.

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