Through the Euler car, more cool, more trend

In the market of new energy vehicles, when it comes to models “starting with appearance level”, many users will think of Euler cars at the beginning.Since its launch, the popularity and sales of Euler have maintained a very good level, and after 2022, this car has a very high popularity in the market of 100,000-150,000 new energy vehicles.And can have such performance, in fact, it is not difficult to understand, because in this price model, The Euler car has a very beautiful appearance and full of ingenious details, can be said to be a sincere work.Euler good cat seems to pass through, in a dynamic way will be the last century classic car elements and modern trend perfect combination.The appearance of the two-color set makes the Euler Good Cat very attractive. A large number of arcs with classic aesthetic interest and a variety of cool technical details make this Euler car easily have a strong charm to attract the attention of the whole block.In addition to the lovely appearance level, in the human-computer intelligent interaction experience, Euler has also done a great job.17.25 HD Dual Interactive Large Screen, Face + Voice print Recognition System, Intelligent Voice Interaction……Rich and accurate human-computer interaction experience can bring users extremely high driving experience.Of course, there is another attractive point, lies in the “money saving” of Euler cars.The tension of the international situation, thought to have nothing to do with ordinary people, but looking at the rising oil price, driving a fuel car to fill a tank of oil than in the past to pay dozens of dollars more, from here can see the new energy vehicles.As a new energy vehicle, It is inevitable for Euler to save fuel.With the current 92 gasoline price of 7.8 yuan/liter, assuming that a 100km fuel consumption of 8L car to run 500 km, about 400 yuan of fuel money.On the other hand, if an Euler car drives 500 kilometers and charges at its own electric cable, it only needs to pay 40 yuan for electricity at 0.5 yuan per kilowatt hour, which is nearly 10 times the cost.No matter from which point of view, Euler is a new energy vehicle suitable for young people to choose.The event runs from April 2, 2022 to April 2, 2022

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