Why didn’t Dourgun call himself emperor when he entered?

Two whites with red will support it, but two yellow and blue will definitely oppose it.Red Is a slick old man, but he was the one who killed Abhahai, so I’m glad he’s neutral.Jierharang a douragon has not dealt with, blue will not support douragon.When Duergun declared himself emperor, the eight banners had to fight first.Dourgun was at a disadvantage in numbers.After the death of Haug, Duoergun master zhenglan flag, and draw two yellow flags he Luohui, Tan Tai and other talent has the strength advantage.But dourgun was already in poor health, and he had no son, and Dodor died early.Even if he succeeds in becoming emperor, he may not be able to hold on to his throne if he is dying and there is no good heir.

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