Ford Focus to declare a new four-cylinder engine, car companies will recognize that China is a typical buyer’s market

First of all, I want to talk to those manufacturers, not car critics, not car critics do not say consumers do not know.It’s 2022, and consumers can just go to any car website and see how many cylinders this car has.Even if I don’t, the manufacturer has to declare it clearly.You can hide it for a while, but you can’t hide it for a lifetime. You know the three-cylinder engine is a sharp problem, so why should you make consumers unhappy?Although the three-cylinder machine shines in the competition, consumers only need to walk every day, not many people need the three-cylinder machine.Ford also finally declared a four-cylinder engine code-named CAF479WQ6. To be fair, ford three-cylinder is indeed smoother than Japanese three-cylinder models, but the market just doesn’t like three-cylinder cars, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.Three cylinders into the xiali defeat xiali once three cylinders Xiali majestic, in the early stage of the change was once the middle class to enjoy the family car.At a time when printing workers were paid 80 yuan a month, a Charley was very respectable indeed.And the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is flooded with xiali taxis, which is not surprising, after all, the factory is located in Tianjin.But with other manufacturers either joint ventures or imports, the xiali’s position is in jeopardy.Even the late adoption of Toyota’s engine + gearbox is difficult to resist the decline in reputation.Don’t forget, in the 1990s mobile phones were not popular, there were IC card phones in the streets, and there were old ladies watching booths on public phones.In this case, nosiness is another status of taxi driver, although they may not be aware of this advantage.The early version of the three-cylinder Charley taxi didn’t even have a tachometer, and it was especially prone to glitches, which was not a thing in the early days of the hard-to-find drive.Because early drivers had to learn mechanical theory, that is, to be able to repair cars in order to get a license.However, the other joint venture car dimension reduction blow is too fierce.Lao SAN’s most realistic is to let the old drivers realize that the original car does not have to lie on the road to repair the car to drive.As they rolled out, taxi drivers spread the three-cylinder’s reputation.In fact, the initial power of the three-cylinder engine is fast, and the weak power of the medium-high speed is a common training style. After all, K-CAR is generally used in urban transportation.The early underpowered three-cylinder was suzuki Alto, and it was a rookie’s nightmare when it was fully loaded in the summer.If you pull a couple of fat people up a hill, you might have to get two people down to help push it.Don’t laugh, I was like this when I was a kid, but Otto is much more solid than Charley.With the improvement of economic conditions, most consumers are seeking a car that can pull away the whole family, and low-end models represented by three-cylinder cars are gradually being phased out of the market.Buick Has always been the front row of sales, after installing the three-cylinder engine, don’t care how car critics elaborate, sales are plummeting.As a last resort, SAIC-GM has brought back the 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, not even the 1.3-liter machine for midsize cars.To tell you the truth, I’d say three cylinders running in the desert is fun.Because it doesn’t hurt to own a car, simple as that.Strange horse test drive time is smooth, but I can’t guarantee three cylinder strange horse life smooth.I can’t predict what cars will look like ten years from now. I can’t guarantee that.Nissan finally put the four cylinder strange jun please come back, although arranged to zhengzhou Nissan channels to sell, but also bow to the market.Honda Ling Pai long such a time or good sales, since the change to 1.0T three-cylinder machine, visibility is low, the terminal concessions are not solved.However, the addition of hybrid system has saved some sales.The Ford Focus used to be a street car, and it sold like crazy over a decade ago.But, uh, that Ford thunder is really good.Double clutch + three cylinders, double clutch with double clutch, or dry double clutch.Let me put it this way, the focus’s adoption of a four-cylinder +AT gearbox is the beginning of beating its competitors.The new Fox is not lack of feelings, nor lack of appearance level, if the factory dare to change quantity with price, so this is a good start.”There is no shortage of car makers in China,” Hazumi concludes. “It’s a typical buyer’s market, where supply exceeds demand.”Manufacturers should build cars based on consumers’ wishes rather than on their own cost control. After all, it’s worse not to sell cars than to have high costs, right?Consumers do not like the three-cylinder machine, domestic consumers are particularly good face, the four-cylinder engine is just needed.I believe that many car enterprises will also join the ranks of four cylinders really sweet, ideal ONE a range extender with a three cylinder machine was sprayed into a sieve, let alone these compact cars?

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