Foreign Ministry: China always maintains that dialogue and negotiation is the most realistic and feasible way to defuse the crisis

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin held today’s regular press conference.CCTV: The Center for European Policy, Chatham House, the Carnegie Europe Center and other think tanks have published articles reflecting on the Ukrainian crisis.What is the spokesperson’s comment on this?”I have noticed some voices of rational thinking in the European strategic community as the impact of the Ukraine crisis is spreading,” Said Wang wenbin.For example, some point out that sanctions are not the way to end wars and build a European security order.If the war is to end in reconciliation, diplomacy is the way to go.Managing relations with Russia, an inescapable neighbour, is the eu’s primary challenge.European security rules should be European-led, not excluding Russia.Eu leaders should truly listen to and take Seriously Russia’s concerns and appeals.Others pointed out that the security interests of all countries involved must be taken into account in order to resolve the Ukraine issue, Wang said.To resolve the current crisis, both Russia and Ukraine should be realistic and pay attention to legitimate security concerns.China always maintains that dialogue and negotiation is the most realistic and feasible way to defuse the crisis. Only by pursuing common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security can we achieve lasting peace and stability in Europe and the world at large.Expanding the war and escalating sanctions will only complicate the issue and cost the world more.Under the current circumstances, all parties should actively encourage and support Russia and Ukraine to continue talks for results and peace.Move away from black and white emotionalism.A rational examination of the underlying causes of the Ukraine crisis.It is important to avoid the extreme practice of making a blind alley and create favorable conditions for the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.It is important to prevent selfish practices and let the common interests of the international community prevail over the selfish interests of individual countries.Wang wenbin stressed that China is willing to work with the international community to continue efforts to ease the situation, defuse the crisis and rebuild peace.(CCTV reporter Zhao Jingkong Luyuan) Source: CCTV news client

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