Good news!The fuyang base was awarded provincial demonstration

Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced the construction results of 2021 provincial rice and fishery integrated planting and breeding Demonstration base, hangzhou Fuyang Hongjian Breeding Co., Ltd. and other five hangzhou business entities on the list, become the recognized leader in the province’s rice and fishery integrated planting and breeding.Hangzhou Fuyang Hongjian Breeding Co., Ltd. is located in Chunjian Township, Fuyang District. The existing rice frog co-existing area is 108 mu.Double harvest of rice frog is realized through comprehensive planting and breeding of rice frog. The annual output of the base is 150 tons of frog and 32 tons of rice, and the output value is more than 6 million yuan.At the same time, in recent years launched rice frog symbiotic rice is also the company’s important agricultural products.After nearly two years of experimental screening, the company screened “Tailiangyou 217”, “Hanyou 73” and “Fengyou 2” jia rice varieties.According to the experiment, the rice variety “Jiafengyou 2” is more suitable to be planted by the rice frog symbiotic system. The rice produced has the advantages of good quality, fluffy fragrance after cooking, high chewiness, sweet feeling and non-sticking teeth.After the brand operation, the sales price is high. At present, the rice frog symbiosis produced by the company – “Akita rice frog rice” has been highly recognized by the market, the market sales price is 10 yuan/jin.Through the comprehensive planting and breeding of rice and fishery, the demonstration site has achieved an average yield of 100 jin of aquatic products and 1,000 jin of rice per mu, with an average increase in income of more than 2,000 yuan per mu. Compared with the simple planting of rice, the amount of fertilizer and pesticide used per unit area has been reduced by more than 50%.In the next step, Fuyang will take the supply-side structural reform of agriculture (fishery) as the main line, develop the new comprehensive planting and breeding mode of “rice and fishery co-existence and rice and fishery win-win”, promote farmers’ income, agricultural efficiency and common prosperity, and explore a new path for the green and high-quality development of agriculture.Source: District Agriculture and Rural Bureau Editor: Hong Wen, First instance: Tong Yan, second instance: Sun Qin, final instance: Zhang Youda

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