How often should I wash my car

For the car, can not say as people wash once a day, but a certain time is also need to clean, if not clean, difficult to bring vacuum cleaning?When the car on the road, is bound to bring a lot of dust and debris, and so on some dirty things, and settled on a tree out of the car is a big leaves, professional car beauty if you don’t have to wash, just looking forward to it rains every day can free flushing again no matter, estimates that for a period of time your car will was black and blue all over.If you don’t wash your car regularly, the paint will certainly corrode and cause some rust.As a vehicle, often suffer from the sun and rain, the car was a lot of dust, once it rains, it is easy to attach some grease on the dust to the car paint, thus forming a layer of mud, at this time this layer of things in the long run may cause some damage to the car paint inside.And part of the industrial areas of the rain is high in acid, these acid rain attached to the car, although in the short term do not see what, but in the long term, there will be car paint oxidation corrosion and other problems.Does long-term failure to wash your car increase the cost of car maintenance?Many owners think not to wash the car for a long time will save a fee, but to tell the truth, there is no, because the price of a car wash is about thirty or forty yuan, half a month or a month to wash once, can form protection on the car paint, but also looks more beautiful.And if long-term failure to wash the car causes damage to the car paint, it does not cost more to repair.What are the disadvantages of washing your car too much?Washing your car too often will accelerate the oxidation of your paint.When washing a car, there is always some dust and sand in the air, and some dust will be attached to the car wash cloth. Therefore, whenever washing a car, there is always a trace of wear and tear, bringing fine scratches to the car.At the same time, the car wash shop car wash liquid always has a certain ph, wash too often, easy to make the number of reaction between car wash liquid and car paint increase, is not conducive to the maintenance of car paint.

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